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The term Big data is becoming a hype as the promotion of the term increases on the internet. Basically, big data accumulation is formed on three V’s. These include handling large volume of varying data with high speed velocity.

The big data system is being made by different companies who will be able to manage vast amount of data usually in petabytes by the use of Apache’s Hadoop big data or any other system. These big data set services will then be sold to companies who will want to avail such services.

Okay, so Big Data is a system that will be able to change how the virtual world works today. The information (data) is placed in different places and is literally disorganized. The companies today do not have the technology (while some have it) and the funding to accumulate system that will be able to organize this big data set.

Before we start, we should understand

What big data structure really is?

Okay so definition of big data structure is the amount of data that is being generated by every user online today. Most of us generate a data of 100mbs on a daily basis. And 3 billion people do that, you can do the Math. And according to some surveys, 90% data of the world was generated in the last 2 years.

These include the data by social media websites, and other platforms like blogging, forums, and accounts related websites and other transactions that are open to all and freely accessible. All these type of elements are not properly tagged and not organized in one special place.  This is just one sort of data.

If we look in to the companies, companies have their own data bases where they generate transactions for sales and purchases. Hospitals have different data in files that range from hard copies to soft copies. Most of these copies are stored in random places and often get lost.

How Big Data analytics can help us?

If we are able to control the data that we have stored in databases, the data can help us define and refine the future. We can do that by accumulating and analyzing the amount of data and removing all junk from it.

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Let’s take an example of governments. If governments start utilizing their data, they will be able to process queries of users in a fast way. But business representation needs to be updated for such productivity.

 Big Data sets can help both companies and governments:

Big Data structure is just a set of data that is in vast amount. It needs to be utilized, managed and properly organized. When that data is managed properly it will help every sector of the industry and the consumers as well as the societies.

Some examples:

1.      Providing better health care through Big Data structure:

Big data can help hospitals know their customers in a better way. Today, we diagnose the patient according to a couple of tests as we do not have the background knowledge about him. However, when the patient history is within the local data base and every hospital of the country is authorized to get that information, when that patient visits any hospital in the country he will be diagnosed on the basis of the history and will be treated accordingly.

This will not only makes the service of the hospital better but will also increase the speed of treatment.

2.      Customer focused big data company products:

Though this matter is resolved to some extent by the help of social media but action on those comments and compliments is not taken on time. However, with the help of big data analytics companies will be able to monitor the company product preferences in real time and will be able to form strategy accordingly.

3.      Risk management accuracy by manning Big Data camps:

By the implementation of big data analytics companies will be able to specifically monitor their customers and clients. They will even be able to tag them on different levels of risk. This will not only limit them to client behavior monitoring but also provides them results on the preference level of potential customers. On those bases they will be able to target the potential customers by the right kind of ads for them.

4.      Semantic Websites – The future of Web:

Okay, so let me first explain what semantic websites are? Because I think most of the audience of this blog does not know about semantic website. So, semantic website basically is a type of website platform also known as web 3.0. By using this technology websites will start to think. Not ‘think’ like they did it in the ‘Eagle Eye’ movie. But they will be able to personalize information for everyone on internet. This will work by a server system that will save information of every person who uses internet and that information will be shared to the website servers who will use the preferences of the users and put the design as they want to see it.

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As an example, if you like grey color and like to read text in Arial font. When you will visit a website it will change automatically to grey color and the font color will change to Arial just for you.

Sounds amazing right? Well, Big Data is going to bring revolution in the digital world. But it does not mean it’s completely safe. But to be sure that it becomes safe, elite technologists will have to make terms and policies that will define the usage of big data. Only then we can say that learning Big Data and implementing it is the right choice.

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