Apple Shares Public Data with NSA and Calls it Legal!

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I recently find out that the new iphone Apple is launching is called Iphone 5s. Well, that is not the real information. The real information is a line that I read in that states:

‘No one feels ashamed when the Doctor sees them nude during a physical. Why? Well Doctors are trained medical professionals, of course. The same idea should apply to law enforcement. When we’re reading your emails or remotely turning on your webcam to make sure everything’s alright, just remember: we are trained professionals of the law.’

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 The first words that came to my mind were ‘How dare Apple share our data without our consent’. But Apple here, do has a point. They think that the data will be able to help them compile a log of Big Data that can be shared between CIA, FBI and NSA. All the citizens of America will be tracked adnd their locations will be recorded.

This will not only help American government to help them in time of need but also will be able to help the government to trace out criminals, burglars and even terrorists.

But as per the American Congress law, unauthorized surveillance and tracking is against the law. And National Security Agency of America is breaking that law by indulging in such activities and spying on public.

Now goes the question whether the share of data between Apple inc and NSA is legal?

No, Apple cannot share data with anyone without the consent of its user. It also is breaking the law unless the user signs an agreement when he buys an Iphone. And Apple should clearly announce that it will share the data with NSA. If apple is not stating that it is sharing the data that this also comes in unauthorized action and is also deemed a crime.

Apple is also sharing Fingerprint information with NSA:

According to Apple iPhone 5s Fingerprint Database To Be Shared With NSA on national report. Apple is also sharing finger print information with NSA. The surprising part here is that most of the people who are thinking of buying an Iphone 5S do not even know that their fingerprint information will go in the records of NSA. While, most people will not have any issue with it. But what about those people who do not live in USA and are not citizens of America. Sharing their information with the Security agency of any other country is clearly against the Law and the constitution of the respected country.

What should people do?

Well, just like people stopped Microsoft from monitoring their homes in the start of this year. The people should also stop Apple from sharing their private data with NSA by showing resilience on social networks and outside Apple stores.

What if that does not solve the problem?

Countries are not getting the bigger picture right now. It’s not just the individuals whose information will go to NSA. But this will make the country specific information vulnerable as well. Countries should raise their voices like they raised their voice against YouTube for removing explicit content from the site.

In the end remember ‘No one will do anything for you unless you decide to do it yourself’.

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