Skype provided backdoor to National Security Agency – Skype Security Issues

Multiskype tools iconBefore Skype was bought by Microsoft Inc, it provided backdoor to the National Security Agency of America for the program called PRISM. According to the news on softpedia, Skype not only provided a back door to Skype user privacy to the NSA. But NSA specially asked some of the employees of Skype to develop Skype recording software that can record conversation of users.

We all know there are more than 700 million users on Skype. These users have no idea that their previous information was leaked to one of the top agencies of America. However, now as we know that someone is keeping an eye on our data and our activities. What can we do to stop them?

As I have idealized that,

Skype leaked…before Microsoft bought it

Okay, so Skype was leaking information to the company before Microsoft owned it. But are their chances that the company is still doing that even after being a subsidiary of Microsoft? We can only assume as we do not know the reality about it. However, Microsoft has some allegations even against itself. But Microsoft denies them, it says that it only provides data to the Government if it ‘receive a legally binding order or subpoena to do so’ (Softpedia, June 20th).

Skype Calls, not safe!

We all know that the conversation on multinational companies is not safe now because such tremendous secrets have been leaked out by Edward Snowden, that public cannot trust anyone. On one place there is the Big Data and he prying eyed Advertisers on the other hand there are the wretched governmental agencies.


A better option is to use skype calling services when it’s necessary. And when someone is using skype calling services one should not mention anything personal about oneself. There is no knowing if one accidentally spits out some wrong information and that Pizza van drops outside his house the next day!

Skype video Calling might be Recorded, Still!

Skype is now a property of Microsoft Inc. Nonetheless I will not get surprised if we found out that Skype is still sharing out our data to NSA. Most of the public does not even care about its data being shared or not because it does not know about the circumstances. Additionally, it feels obliged with it that it is helping the security agencies of the government. But hello! Guys that is your own PERSONAL DATA! And according to the Constitution of America or the U.N Human Rights no personal data should be seen by anyone/organization without the persons consent.


When you are skype video conferencing with someone, try to go in to a public park to start skype video calling. Or, you can use a room that has no pictures or books or even other appliances. In this way, the skype video call will not tell about the personal preferences to those organizations that are eager to know about it. One more thing is to keep the camera above your upper body. This way, only your face will be seen on the camera.

Sorry, Skype no hard feelings, this blog post is not being written to threaten you or anything like that, but most of the public doesn’t really trust you now.


This blog post is written only for educational purpose. I should not be held responsible for any wrong steps taken by anyone after reading the content above. All the sources from where I got the information have already been mentioned clearly.


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