Where can i Buy Philippines Sim Card in Dubai?

There are many places where you can buy a Philippines Sim Card in Dubai. The first and most obvious place to shop for Philippine Sim Cards is the online ecommerce stores. 

You can shop for any Philippines Sim Card of your choice. There are many ecommerce stores available that sell Philippine Sim Cards such as TrueCall or AirSIM. Both of these offer roaming so that you can stay connected with your friends when you move to Dubai from the Philippines.

Buying Philippines Sim Card in Dubai

First option is to get roaming from your current SIM card provider. If you are using AirSim or TrueCall or any other for that matter, just talk to the call center and ask them to provide you roaming for Dubai.

There are some charges that you will have to pay for roaming out of the country but the sim card will work perfectly.

That being said, With the AIRSIM Global Data Roaming SIM Card, you will have access to data and phone services in over 100 countries including Dubai.

No more waiting in line for a local SIM or pocket WiFi. Just use the AIRSIM ROAM app when you get to Dubai airport and you will be able to enable roaming on your AirSim sim card.

The best part is that you will also get 30 minutes of free international calls on AIRTALK ROAM with every data package you buy, allowing you to contact the Philippines and your home easily.

Where to Shop for Philippines Sim Cards?

Desertcart.ae is an online shopping portal that sells Philippines sim cards in Dubai. If you are in Dubai and want to get a Philippines sim card then your best bet is online shopping.

Another option is to go to any mall that offers international sim cards. You can buy an international Philippines sim card including:

  1. Smart communications
  2. Globe communications
  3. Now telecom
  4. DIto telecom
  5. PLDT telecom 

All these Philippines sim cards are usually available with telecom shops around Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

That being said, if you are not able to buy a SIM card of your choice, you can still get Globe and Smart telecom sim cards in Dubai for as low as AED 80 from online shopping portals.

Buy and Activate Philippine Sim Card in Dubai

Once the Philippines Sim Card is available to you. Your next step is to activate the sim card. Since you are in Dubai and not in the Philippines, you will have to dial international roaming to activate your Globe card. Here is how you can do that.

  1. Activate your Globe roaming SIM by adding credit or balance to it
  2. You can add balance to your Globe sim card in Dubai by using Globe online payment option or by asking your family member in the Philippines to load a prepaid card. 
  3. You can also contact the Globe Customer Service and inquire about the status of your Roaming Service. 
  4. Similarly, if your Globe Roaming SIM card is near expiration date, usually 180 days after registration, you can extend it by adding balance to it

This is how you can buy a Philippines sim card in Dubai easily.

Remember that you can buy a Philippines sim card in Dubai from online shops, local malls, and even at the airport. You will need to add balance and then get the sim card activated for roaming before you can use it to talk to your family and friends.

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