How to Register for SIM Card in Dubai and UAE?

Getting a mobile phone connection in the UAE is not really a problem. In fact, you can get one as soon as you dock on the UAE airport. 

Travelers above 18 years of age can get a free Sim card at the UAE airport after landing. The visitors are free to choose from the two leading  Sim operators working in UAE I.e, Etisalat Or du. 

Once you settle down, you can change the Sim card if you want or you can simply customize your existing Sim by adding data, Talktime and other options.

For people who are on a visit can avail a Sim package that’s exclusively for tourists. The tourist Sim package includes a free Sim card, 20 Mbs of data, three flex minutes and most importantly, a one-month validity. However, tourists can add extra minutes and data in their packages. 

Additional options by DU are as follows:

Follow these actions to register for SIM Card in Dubai.

  1. 150 MB data and 10 flexible minutes in just 25 dhs. (Valid for 3 days).
  2. 500 MB data And 20 flexible minutes in 55 dhs. (Valid for 7 days).
  3. 2 GB data and 40 flexible minutes in 110 dhs. (Valid for 14 days).

Activating your sim card:

Just put in your sim card and dial *122#.

The documents that you need to get a free Sim card in the UAE are; your passport and visa.

Sim Card Options

The Sim cards have two options for the users: postpaid and prepaid.

For a Prepaid sim, you need to have a top-up, you can get this top-up by a phone card as well as from your local bank or online payment. After topping-up you can easily get calling access, data bundles and other offers.

For a postpaid sim, a lot of documents are required and you will be getting a phone bill after each month. The bill has to be paid within the due date mentioned. You can pay this bill via the operator’s app, kiosks or via the local bank.

Register for SIM Card in Dubai – Documents Needed

Etisalat requires the following documents for postpaid connection:

  • Your valid Emirates ID.
  • Your salary certificate (minimum 4,000 dh)
  • Your vehicle registration and credit card (in case you connect your sim with your phone)

du requires the following documents for prepaid connection:

  • Your valid Emirates ID.

And for a postpaid connection:

  • You valid Emirates ID.
  • Salary statement.
  • Your credit card (in case you opt for a plan that needs to be connected with your phone).

Once your documents are verified your Sim is all ready to get some access. 

Validity of the Sim Card: 

An updated copy of Emirates ID is required whenever the visa is renewed. For document updation, the operators inform the user via text messages so they can easily verify and update their document in a hassle free way.

Document verification and update is very important, otherwise, your connection will be cancelled.

Cost of SIM Card Cancellation

With Sim card cancellation, you will have to pay just one-month rental fee instead of the whole contract period rental fee.

So, this is how you Register for SIM Card in Dubai.

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