Can Macbook Charger Charge Nintendo Switch?

It’s the norm for most individuals to have at least two or three mobile electronics at home right now. There are a plethora of various charging cables to keep up with the proliferation of electronic gadgets, and some of them can charge several devices at once. Is it possible to use a charger for a MacBook Pro with a Nintendo switch?

Since both the Nintendo Switch and the MacBook Pro need USB-C connections for charging, you may use either one to power the other. While a MacBook Pro charger will work, it won’t charge as quickly.

If the battery on your Nintendo Switch is low and you forgot to bring the charger with you, don’t panic as long as you have a USB-C cable, such as the one used to charge a MacBook Pro. Getting your Nintendo Switch charged is covered in greater detail below.

Yes, you can use a MacBook Pro charger to charge your Nintendo Switch.

Can I use a MacBook Pro charger to charge my Nintendo Switch?

Yes, you can use a MacBook Pro charger to charge your Nintendo Switch. The USB-C port on the Switch charges the device at 15W, while the USB-C port on the MacBook Pro charges the device at 29W.

You might use a MacBook Pro Charger to power your Nintendo Switch if you neglected to bring your Switch charger with you when you went on vacation. The Nintendo Switch can get a full charge using a USB-C charger since both devices use this charging standard.

Just because a MacBook Pro charger can work with the Nintendo Switch doesn’t imply any old USB-C charger will do the task. If you don’t have a Nintendo charger for your smartphone, only use a high-quality brand charger like one made by Android or Apple. The use of several off-brand chargers has negatively impacted the Nintendo Switch’s battery life.

Whenever possible, gamers avoid doing anything that might cause damage to their gadget, particularly when doing anything like increasing its power. That’s why it’s critical to utilize only a reliable charging option, such as a charger made specifically for the MacBook Pro.

How to Use a MacBook Pro Charger to Charge a Nintendo Switch?

If you don’t have a Switch charger, you may use the one for a MacBook Pro instead. That’s great news for frequent fliers who don’t want to lug along a bunch of adapters and cables.

If the charging icon appears in the upper left corner of your Switch screen when it is connected to your MacBook Pro, then the connection is OK. Since the chargers’ technologies vary somewhat, Nintendo Switch will likely charge at a slow pace.

It might take a very long time before you can play a game. A number of Apple product chargers can power an undocked Nintendo Switch, but they cannot power a docked Switch since they do not support the power profile.

Can I charge my Switch with my laptop charger?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the make and model of both the laptop charger and the Switch charger. However, in general, laptop chargers are designed to provide higher wattages than Switch chargers. Therefore, it is likely that using a laptop charger to charge a Switch would result in a faster charge time.

Is It Bad To Use A MacBook Pro Charger To Charge A Nintendo Switch?

Some users have complained that the Nintendo Switch draws too much power from their MacBook Pro’s USB-C charger, notably the Apple 87W (15 inches). Hence, many individuals are cautious about utilizing a secondary battery on their gadgets. Some people even like using the Nintendo Switch charger on the MacBook Pro since it uses so much less juice.

However, the vast majority of MacBook Pro owners have no problems with their power supply. These adapters are technically made to power Apple devices, but they can also be used to charge Android devices like the Nintendo Switch.

Remember that the Nintendo Switch can be charged with almost any standard USB cable and that the dock is the only known charging device to create problems. There are several cases of malfunctioning gadgets due to the use of unofficial charging stations. Most often, a sluggish charge is the worst thing that can happen from a charger.

Can I Charge Nintendo Switch Using Any Laptop Charger?

Most USB-C chargers will provide enough juice to keep a Nintendo Switch going, but others may actually be harmful to the device’s battery. The official chargers from Apple and Samsung are up to Nintendo’s requirements and have never been reported to create any problems. There have been no reported issues with consumers using the same charger for both devices.

However, the generic brand chargers have been the source of the problems. Other Nintendo Switch owners have reported having battery issues, and in some cases, the system has totally shut down. If you don’t have the original Nintendo Switch charger, you should use a USB-C charger made by Nintendo, Apple, or Android.

Generic brands may be less expensive initially, but they may cost customers more long-term if their equipment malfunctions. Because of this, you should only use a charger made by a reputable brand.

Is charging the Nintendo switch with a 45W laptop charger safe?

Yes, it is safe to charge the Nintendo switch with a 45W laptop charger. The Nintendo switch has a maximum charging rate of 10W, so the 45W laptop charger will provide more than enough power to charge the device. Additionally, the laptop charger will likely have a higher amperage rating than the Nintendo switch’s charger, which will help speed up the charging process.

How to Charge a Nintendo Switch Without the Dock?

The Nintendo Switch can be charged in a number of ways.

  1. One way is to use the included AC adapter and plug it into an outlet.
  2. Another way is to use the USB-C port on the bottom of the console and plug it into a power source like a USB wall charger or portable battery.

Hope this article has helped you learn if MacBook chargers can be used to charge your Nintendo Switch charger.

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