How to Get Water out of iPhone Charging Port?

There are plenty of ways to help you get water out of the iPhone charging port.

Using Wool to Remove Water From a Phone Charging Port   

Using cotton wool or an absorbent cloth to get water out of a phone’s charging port is one option. 

  1. Turn your phone off so the pin doesn’t cause electrical bridges.
  2. Wrap cotton wool or a small piece of absorbent clothing around a toothpick, pin, or needle (make sure it’s small enough to fit into the space in the charging port).
  3. Gently move it around, drying the port.
  4. You’ll want to leave your phone turned off for some time so air gets into the port before turning it on.

How to Dry Out a Wet Phone

Using Rice to Remove Water From a Phone Charging Port 

  1. Rice is known to help phones dry rapidly, and we’re confident that it will work for your charging port.
  2.  If you’ve already tried wool and your phone is still giving you the wetness warning, try putting it in dry rice overnight. It is always effective.

Phone wet and won't turn on? Here's what to do with water damage (hint:  putting it in rice won't work) | Smartphones | The Guardian

Rice absorb water and is one of the best ways to remove water from iPhone charger

Using a Fan to Remove Water from a Phone Charging Port

  1. A standing fan is a terrific source of air that is more powerful and steady. 
  2. A fan is concentrated, the air is dry, and it is consistent, so all sections of the charging port dry faster than if it was left to dry on the dining table.
  3.  It is really more effective to place your iPhone in front of a fan after cleaning it with cotton wool or a dry cloth.

Using a vacuum hose to remove water from a phone charging port

  1. Another excellent choice is this one. 
  2. Because the water in the charging ports isn’t enough to harm the machine, you can get away with sucking the water out with a vacuum hose. It works like a charm.

What happens when you charge your iPhone while the charging port is wet?

When you charge your iPhone when the charging port is wet, the pins on the lightning port or the cable can corrode and cause permanent damage or stop working, causing your iPhone or the accessory to lose functionality.

What to do if your iPhone and charging port aren’t wet but still show the alert?

When your charging port and lightning accessories aren’t wet, but you try to connect them, you get an alert. The most common explanation is that your cable or accessory is damaged, or that it is not original. The best course of action is to contact the manufacturer and inform them of the problem.

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