Can You Close MacBook While it is Updating?

Game Errors Can You Close MacBook While it is Updating?

Mac machines use Apple’s proprietary macOS operating system. Although it varies somewhat from other main operating systems available, one aspect in which it is comparable is how it updates itself. System updates, like the ones you’ll see on your Mac, give various advantages to the end user.

Most importantly, they will address vulnerabilities that cause OS instability. In rare situations, Apple engineers may need to release an update to correct issues caused by a prior upgrade. Otherwise, when it comes to new upgrades, security features are a major issue, and Apple employees are practically always monitoring for dangers to their systems, routinely pushing out patches to make Mac computers safer.

Some Apple enthusiasts may question whether they may halt or interrupt an update for their Mac laptops. While the instances in which you would want to do this are restricted, they do exist, and there may be times when you would choose to halt an update completely.

These topics will be covered in the article that follows. We may also discuss if you can put the computer to sleep, what happens to the update progress meter if you switch it off completely, and how to debug a stalled update.

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Your MacBook is updating, can you close it?
Your MacBook is updating, can you close it?

What Happens If You Close Your Mac While It’s Updating?

Closing the lid of MacBook when it is updating can lead to data damage and starting problems

Turning off your Mac during an update, such as putting it to sleep, might result in severe issues. Fatal problems indicate that the system is so unstable that you may need to reinstall macOS from scratch in order to get things running again.

Once again, having a full backup might come in helpful. There is no assurance that you will be able to boot into recovery mode or otherwise get the machine running again. Keeping your computer turned on during such a critical update is recommended.

You may assist by ensuring that it is attached to a steady power supply, has enough room for the update, and does nothing while the lid is closed.

When updating, can you put your Mac to sleep?

This question has two parts; however, you should not put your computer to sleep during an update. Sleep mode is a low-power state that enables you to restart your session swiftly. However, it disables the majority of functionality.

The sleep mode feature would have an impact on both the download and installation procedures; however, one might be more damaging than the other. If you put your computer to sleep while downloading, the download will be terminated.

As previously said, this implies that you will have to restart the whole download from the beginning if you restart the computer.

Putting your machine to sleep while installing an update that your Mac has already downloaded might be more dangerous. Although nothing happens, there is a possibility that the installation interruption may damage system files. It is even conceivable that you may lose everything on your machine and would need to reinstall everything.

As a result, it is not suggested that you attempt to sleep on your computer during the update. It is preferable to let nature run its course here, even if it takes a long time.

Furthermore, even if you follow all of the upgrade instructions, it is a good idea to back up your whole system and its contents before doing any significant macOS update. This guarantees that you can easily recover your system if anything goes wrong.

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How Do You Stop a Mac Update?

For the sake of this discussion, we’ll assume that a Mac update download is now underway. Some users may prefer to disable this update completely.

This may happen if the operating system update is fresh since some users want to check whether the current download has any undesirable problems they want to avoid. Allowing Apple a few weeks to spread out the upgrade and sort out any bugs may be beneficial.

You may attempt the steps below to halt updates completely before they start.

  1. Navigate to the ‘System Preferences’ area of your Mac.
  2. There should be a section for ‘App Store here.
  3. Although the App Store manages downloads for all of the many products you would want to use on your computer, it also handles keeping the macOS system itself up to date. This will be mentioned toward the top of the App Store page.
  4. Your system is most likely configured to check for and download these updates automatically. To prevent the system from doing this check, uncheck that box.
  5. Alternatively, uncheck any of the boxes below it to disable the checks simply for applications, macOS, or system, data, and security files as needed.
  6. This has no effect on already downloaded updates, but it should prevent future updates from being downloaded automatically.
  7. We suggest checking for these items on a regular basis, particularly because security updates might be critical to your computer’s health and safety.

Can I unplug my Mac while it’s updating

Yes you can unplug Mac while itis updating without causing any issues. The only time you’ll lose power is if the battery dies, which is always a risk given that some setups might take several hours.

If the Mac dies when it is updating, it can cause data damage and startup problems. You would not want that. So, make sure that you don’t unplug the Mac.

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How to cancel Mac update while restarting?

If you want to cancel the Mac update when the system is restarting, simply hold down the Command and R keys.

Doing this will open the Recovery Mode Utilities window. You can now select the ‘cancel the update’ option to cancel Mac update from happening.

Is it Possible to Interrupt or Pause a Mac Update?

When we speak about Mac updates, we typically mean the system update that modifies the macOS itself. Third-party software developers, on the other hand, may also provide updates to their apps.

These sorts of products update themselves in ways similar to how you’d receive an OS system update; therefore, we’ll include them both in a talk about halting or interrupting updates in general.

To pause or halt these types of updates, you may need to go to several areas inside your Mac. Interrupting a system update may also be damaging to your Mac. This may depend on the nature of the update, where it is in the installation process and other factors. However, before proceeding, it is important to note this caution.

After that, you may halt or pause an update to your Mac machine. There are options in the ‘System Preferences area. In the next sections, we will discuss both halting and ceasing updates entirely.

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The only thing to remember before digging in is that downloading and installing updates are not the same thing. The former is simpler to halt or pause than the latter.

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