How to Tell if MacBook Has Water Damage?

Mobile application How to Tell if MacBook Has Water Damage?

It’s no surprise that water damage may occur at any time when using your MacBook. Water damage may occur anytime, whether you’re sipping your favorite beverage outdoors in the rain or around children. Knowing what to do may make a big difference in whether or not your gadget can be fixed.

To determine if a MacBook is water damaged, look for liquid damage on the Liquid Contact Indicators (LCI). LCIs may be found both outsides and inside all main Apple devices. These touch points are spread throughout the bottom of the laptop in various locations.

Don’t worry if this seems complicated! We can guide you through the whole procedure, so you don’t have to be a specialist to check for water damage. If you are unsure about examining the device yourself, you may always take it to an Apple store or a repair shop and have them examine it for you.

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What Does Water Damage on a MacBook Look Like?

Water damage may mimic various conditions, making it difficult to understand what is causing the issue. Fortunately, there are a few symptoms you may look out for to determine where your MacBook is broken. We’ll go through a few things to check for after air drying your MacBook for 48 hours.

Check The Power

If a MacBook has been water damaged, the first sign is that it will not turn on. Without electricity, there is frequently substantial water damage, and there are probable issues with the CPU and other important components. You should take the device to a nearby computer repair shop if this occurs.

Examine the Keyboard and Screen

Water damage may sometimes short out the keyboard or screen. The screen may be dark or unclear when you turn on the device. Those are obvious symptoms of water damage, and there is very certainly water trapped under the screen. The keyboard may also become unresponsive or only operate when certain keys are pressed. This signifies that the keys will likely suffer water damage and need replacement.

Screen water damage on a MacBook due to rain
Screen water damage on a MacBook due to rain

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Check for Sounds

The sound of a gadget is critical for determining whether or not it has been damaged by water. You may most likely hear buzzing or ringing sounds if there is water damage. The presence of noise suggests that the computer is sparking or trying to transfer electrical currents via a faulty component.

Check for Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI)

A little round dot under cover of your laptop will turn red if water is detected. The LCI is how Apple determines whether or not there has been severe water damage. However, each MacBook has a variable quantity of LCI distributed throughout the chassis.

Can a water damaged MacBook be fixed?

The trackpad and/or keyboard malfunctioning, the screen wire burning out because of the high voltage line for the LCD backlight, the battery being unrecognized, and the laptop just not turning on are the most prevalent problems. These problems may be remedied by replacing or correcting the impacted components at the component level, making it possible to restore functionality to a water-damaged MacBook.

Signs of water damage MacBook Air

Even if you manage to prevent accidents, it’s still necessary to keep an eye out for warning indications of danger due to water damage on MacBook. There are a variety of problems that might need the assistance of a professional, including:

  • Deterioration of the area around the solder junctions due to corrosion
  • Discoloration, most often white, near the motherboard
  • A sloppy keyboard
  • A bubble appears beneath the laptop screen.

Some manufacturers include a handy warning indicator that lights up when their products become wet, making it clear that their electronics have been compromised. While they are helpful, they should not be used only to ascertain whether or not water exposure is a problem. If you are unsure about anything, it is best to consult a professional.

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How much water can damage a MacBook?

There is no accurate answer. Even a few drops of water can damage a MacBook. In most cases,

  • Minor spills of coffee, tea, or water on desk
  • Wet hands
  • A non-waterproof bag on a rainy day

These are the main reasons of water damaging a MacBook. But there are many other unthinkable reasons that can cause water damage problems to a MacBook.

What is the Cost of Macbook water damage repairs?

MacBooks that have been damaged by liquids such as water may be fixed properly at a low cost. Based on the nature of the issue and the kind of MacBook, most of MacBook users can spend anywhere from $250 to $600 for getting their MacBooks repaired from water damage. Your response to the liquid leak will determine the extent of the damage.

If you turn the MacBook off as soon as you see a spill and don’t turn it back on again, you have a far better chance of saving money on repairs. When you switch on a MacBook that has been harmed by fluids and then dried, the damage is instantaneous.

How to Save MacBook after Water Damage?

Turn MacBook off.

Your chances of avoiding costly repairs are significantly increased if, as soon as you see that any water has been spilled on your MacBook, you immediately power it off and do not restart it. The moment you turn on a MacBook that has been exposed to water/liquids, the damage that has been done is immediate.

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