How To Fix a Swollen Battery on MacBook?

Mobile application How To Fix a Swollen Battery on MacBook?

If the battery in your MacBook, or any other device, begins to grow or bulge, don’t ignore it. Consider it seriously. It indicates a problem with the battery, and if you continue to use and charge it, the consequence might be a fire or an explosion. It will very certainly overheat and harm your PC.

Why do MacBook batteries get Swollen?

The most common reason for a swollen MacBook battery is overcharging. When a battery is overcharged, it produces excess heat, which can cause the battery to swell.

Another reason for a swollen MacBook battery is a manufacturing defect. In some cases, the battery cells are not properly sealed, which can allow excess pressure to build up inside the battery, causing it to swell.

If your MacBook battery is swollen, it is important to have it replaced as soon as possible. A swollen battery can cause the battery to catch fire or explode, which can be very dangerous.

See what Apple Support says about Swollen MacBook batteries

Can a swollen laptop battery explode?

While a swollen laptop battery can‘t technically explode, it can get hot enough to cause a fire. If you notice your laptop battery swelling, remove it from the device immediately and disconnect the power source.

What are the Symptoms of a Swollen MacBook Battery?

  • A bulge beneath the keyboard that pulls certain keys up, so they are not level with the rest, is the most apparent clue that something is amiss.
  • However, you may notice that the seam around the borders of your MacBook begins to separate.
  • The lid will most likely not shut correctly, the keyboard and trackpad may not function properly, and the MacBook will most likely shake when placed on a flat surface.
Beware the Bulging Battery on MacBook devices
Beware the Bulging Battery on MacBook devices. This is one example of a bulge in battery on a MacBook. See how you can get it replaced.

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Why Do MacBook Batteries Swell Up?

Here are a few plausible explanations:

  • The battery has seen better days. The chemical processes that create energy fail to complete when batteries age. This produces gasses, which induce edema. Because the gases are combustible and potentially dangerous, it’s critical to deal carefully with a swollen battery.
  • The battery has a problem, and the segments that divide the various layers aren’t doing their job of keeping those layers apart. Swelling may also occur when the layers come into touch with one another.

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What to Do If You Discover Swelling Battery in MacBook?

First and foremost, don’t panic. It is important that you take it carefully since it might be hazardous.

  1. Unplug your MacBook from the power source.
  2. Place it in a cool place and on a non-flammable surface.
  3. Make a backup of your data on an external hard drive or USB stick.
  4. Turn off your Mac.
  5. If you have an older MacBook with a detachable battery, follow the guidelines for properly disposing of the battery.

Can MacBook swollen battery be repaired? 

Yes, a swollen battery can be repaired.

However, it is important to note that this is not a permanent fix and the battery may swell again in the future. If the battery is swollen, it is important to take it to an authorized Apple service provider to have the battery replaced.

Video of a MacBook Pro Battery Swelling & How to Fix It

Schedule a Visit to Apple Support Center

If the battery is not removable, the best alternative is to schedule an appointment at your nearest Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Center. If none of those choices is available to you, you may learn more about Apple’s Service and Repair Programs by clicking here. The battery must be changed, and any damage to your Mac must be fixed.

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Swollen batteries can be very dangerous

  1. If you observe that the batteries of your MacBook are swelling, do not turn it on.
  2. You should keep it away from electric sockets and make sure that a professional handles the MacBook.
  3. Swelled batteries can also leak acid that can ruin your clothes and even your desk.
  4. It is better that you call Apple Store for assistance in such a matter.

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MacBook Retina or Non-Retina: Can You Replace Swollen Batteries?

A non-Retina laptop’s battery is user-replaceable. You can get a new battery for a non-retina MacBook from any online store. Remember that even when purchasing from recognized dealers like OWC and iFixit, the quality of third-party batteries is low.

If your device is a Retina model, you CANNOT fix the MacBook battery yourself. It will do more damage than good. So, make sure to call the Apple Support or go to an Apple store to get your MacBook swollen battery replaced.

We would advise getting it fixed at an official Apple store since genuine Apple batteries are known to last far longer.

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