How To Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer

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In this new era where technology has taken dominance and put human standings to end, smartphones have become really essential for everyday activities. Considering the stated fact, Apple has introduced various iPhones with advanced features, yet all have one issue in common, battery life!

GPS that enables you to geotag pictures, locate locations; YouTube that let you go stream everything that you possible like, Wi-Fi let you enable everything stated are almost common battery drainers, and thus settings need to be optimized to save iPhone battery!

Ways to Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer

Here are some of the best battery saving tips for iPhone users.

Turn On Low Power Mode

Apple has finally come up with the most desired and long waited for Low Power Mode as part of the iOS 9 update. This amazing feature automatically turns off the mail fetch, Siri, automatic downloads, automatic updates and refreshing too.

The low power mode is really a helpful battery-saver as it automatically lowers the brightness and disables battery consuming apps like iCloud sync when your iPhone goes to 20% or below and sets them back to normal when your iPhone charges to 70% and more.

Lowers the iPhone Screen Brightness

A splendidly bright screen will deplete your iPhone battery quicker than any other procedure on your iPhone. So it’s in every case better to actuate auto-brightness by tapping to the auto-brightness choice in the setting application of your iPhone.

Enabling the auto-brightness option will change the brightness depending on your present lighting circumstance. On the off chance that you have enough light to see, the screen will turn itself down and spare battery life. Isn’t it amazing? This is one great way to improve iPhone battery life.

Turn Off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not using iPhone.

Bluetooth utilizes battery power by filtering for close by Bluetooth gadgets to associate with. The equivalent goes for Wi-Fi and Airdrop and location tracking applications that also depletes battery of your iPhone by associating and looking for close by devices on the same network.

So in the event that you are not using any of the expressed application, simply turn them off by unchecking the relevant check box.

Disable reduce Motion_Parallex

Apple has added a new animated feature called parallax feature that allows the wallpapers on your iPhone screen to move behind the apps. Though it looks cool and ethically beautiful, it drains your battery, and thus you need to turn it off by visiting settings > general > accessibility and you here you just have to ‘on’ the reduce motion.

Uninstall Apps that Drain iPhone Battery

The iPhone educates you regarding the applications that furtively channel your battery and disturbs you with low battery messages. In this manner, you have to check your battery utilization consistently by heading off to the settings application and tapping on the ‘Battery’ part of your iPhone to see which applications burn-through more battery.

So if you see any app that you don’t bother deleting, erase it ASAP!

Activate Dark Mode

Apple has blessed the iOS 13 and iPhone users with the long waited DARK MODE feature. It is operational in all Apple’s built-in apps.

iPhone X, XS, XS MAX, 11 PRO and iPhone 11 Pro Max all have dark mode feature for their OLED displays that saves battery life.

You just need to open the Settings app, choose the display and brightness and just tick the ‘DARK’ option to enable dark mode on your iPhone.

Do Not Close All Apps

It was an old belief to close all the apps running in the background by double-tapping the Home button and swiping up the all unused apps running in the background to save your iPhone battery. However, you need to stop this because it takes more battery and drains it more quickly by double tap and quit actions.

These are all the iPhone battery life tips that you need to know. If you follow these battery saving tips for iPhone you are surely going to make it last longer and provide enhanced user experience.

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