How to Find Cheapest Bedspace in Dubai?

Visa How to Find Cheapest Bedspace in Dubai?

If you are tight on budget in Dubai but want a place to live in, then bed spaces are the best option. Bed spaces are like bunker beds that you used to sleep on during your hostel days. Yeah… reminds us of the past.

Well, these bedspaces are your best bet if you are looking for somewhere to sleep in Dubai. They are super cheap in comparison with other options and are usually within everyone’s budget.

Bed Space For Females Near Metro Station, Dubai – Updated 2023 Prices

Finding Bed Spaces in Dubai Made Easy!

When it comes to securing bed spaces in Dubai, your search can be simplified by utilizing platforms like, Agoda, and Airbnb. These convenient options allow you to book bed spaces in advance with ease. With just a credit card, you can explore a variety of choices and secure your accommodation hassle-free.

Navigate through the extensive listings on these platforms to discover the perfect bed space that suits your preferences. Whether you’re a traveler on the go or a resident seeking temporary accommodation, these platforms provide a seamless booking experience for bed spaces in Dubai.

Say goodbye to the complexities of searching for a place to rest – with, Agoda, and Airbnb, your comfortable bed space in Dubai is just a few clicks away!

Executive Male Bed Space Rolla street-Bur Dubai

Hack to Find Bedspaces in Cheaper Price on Booking

If you use an IP from Singapore or Asian countries you are going to find even cheaper prices then what you were finding in Dubai. uses an algorithm that automatically detects who is more likely to book a bedspace and they hype up its price. So someone living within Dubai will see a different price then someone that is looking from India, Pakistan, or Bangladesh.

Moreover, and Agoda both show lower pricing and higher taxes for a booking that you are about to make. So for a booking that has a total price of 150 dirhams. Here is how will show the price:

  • The per night booking charges will be: 60 dirhams.
  • It will gray out the taxes and show them in small font underneath that as 80 dirhams.

So the true cost of the booking would never be revealed until when the person goes to the checkout page.

 How to Find True Cost of Bedspaces on Booking and Agoda?

The best way to find the right price on Agoda and is by choosing a VPN server from European IP address.

Because when you choose EU based server, by law Booking and Agoda are required to show actual prices instead of hyped up prices. That is why they will show you the accurate prices for booking when you use a VPN to look at the prices.

So if the price of a hotel is 150 dirhams then that is what they will show you in the price.

Second Option: Finding Cheap Bed Space in Dubai

The next way to find a cheap bed space in Dubai is to go to Burjuman, Bur Dubai, or Deira area. You can also search for bedspaces on Googe Maps and you will find an abundance of them. There are many hostels in Dubai that offer bedspaces where you can live. These hostels have pods, private beds, partitioned rooms, and even bunker beds.

Depending on your budget, you can choose any of these to live in.

Why Choose Bedspaces in Dubai for Solo Accommodation?

Well, bedspaces give you everything that you would need to live such as a kitchen to cook your own food. These places also have a dining table where you can eat your food. They also have a washing machine so that you can actually wash your clothes. They also have cupboards to keep your clothes in.

Moreover, they also have a fridge and they offer 24/7 air conditioning.

Most good hostels also have cleaning service that means you will find good bathrooms all the times.

Best part about Dubai is that Electricity and Water are in the same bill. So, there will be rarely a hostel in Dubai where you won’t find hot water. You can easily take a bath and get cozy in your bed after a long journey.

What are the Charges of Bedspaces in Dubai?

The charges for most bed spaces vary. On an average the charges for bedspaces are as follow:

  1. Bunker beds cost 20 to 30 dirhams per night
  2. Private beds cost 40 dirhams per night
  3. Partition rooms cost 50 dirhams per night
  4. Single rooms cost 90 to 100 dirhams per night
  5. Double bed in a single room cost 100 to 150 dirhams per night

If you go by the monthly charges for bedspaces in Dubai, then these will be the monthly charges.

  1. Bunker beds cost 500 to 700 dirhams per month
  2. Private beds cost 1000 dirhams per month
  3. Partition rooms cost 1200 to 1500 dirhams per month
  4. Single rooms cost 2000 to 2800 dirhams per month
  5. Double bed in a single room cost 2500 to 3500 dirhams per month

Bedspaces Cost Vary By Area in Dubai

In Dubai, the cost of bedspaces varies depending on the area you choose to reside in. If your preference is areas like Burjuman, Deira, Bur Dubai, and Old Dubai, you’ll discover more affordable accommodation options compared to the newer Dubai areas such as those near Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Emirates Mall, Ibn Battuta Mall, JBR, or Marina.

Ladies Bed space Dubai | Dubai Bed Space for Ladies & Gents

Planning a budget-friendly stay in Dubai requires thorough preparation. To make the most of your budget, it’s essential to have a monthly plan in place. Dubai’s vibrant cityscape offers a wide range of experiences, but expenses can escalate quickly if not managed carefully. However, with prudent financial management, it’s entirely feasible to live on a budget as low as 2000 dirhams per month.

Remember, Dubai accommodates both those seeking luxury and those aiming for a more economical stay. By selecting the right area and planning wisely, you can enjoy all that Dubai has to offer without straining your finances.

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