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Jazz Watch for Kids Pakistan - Android iOS

We all want to protect kids. Our ambition is so strong that sometimes some of us want that we have a spy gear from the movies that lets us know where our kids are.

Thankfully, someone has heard us. And, it is none other than Jazz.

Jazz Kids Watch provides real time monitoring of your kids to ensure that the kids are safe and within reach.

How the Jazz Kids watch works?

The watch is available for 3500 rupees and then you will have to activate it from any Jazz franchise. After that, download the kid’s watch app on your smartphone.


If you have an android phone, Send “Reg” SMS to 6676. After a while, you will receive the download link in the SMS. The app can also be downloaded directly from Google play store.

Download Kid’s watch App from Google Play store (type “Jazz Kids watch”)


The iOS users can click on this link to login (Click here)

They will need to create an account and enter their details. After a successful registration, the username and password will be shared with them via SMS.

Download the manuals for Android and iOS

Package Details

Jazz Kids Watch package details are provided below.

Rs. 1.18 (Incl Tax)/30sec- on-Net + Off-net)

Rs. 1.79 (Incl Tax)/SMS


Price: Rs.3,500

Initial Balance: Free balance of Rs.100

The Jazz kids watch activation fees is zero.

Terms of Use

Terms for using Kids Watch by Jazz Mobilink

Get Real-time tracking with 600-second gap.

The accuracy is within 100 meters

All kids watches include free SIM and 100 rupees of balance

You can recharge the SIM inside the Watch by the mobile app

You get three months of warranty for the Jazz Kid’s

It is available for Android Users.

Watch’s Warranty:

  • Warranty will be void if Failure of the watch has resulted due to liquid damage, accident, burn and abuse.
  • The watch has been serviced / repaired by anyone other than GadgeIT’s Authorized Service centers.
  • IMEI is scratched or not found in software, Customer must preserve the original package of the Watch.

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