Virgin UAE Home Data Packages: Prices, Contract

Virgin UAE is a new entrant to the Dubai market. It offers one of the cheapest home internet packages/plans in UAE. Here is a list of its packages for reference.

Virgin UAE Home Data Plans Explained

Virgin Plan Description
Plan Name Virgin Mobile Mobile Icon
Data Unlimited
Offer Duration Limited Time Offer
Price AED 3,000
Upfront Payment AED 1,500 (12 months upfront)
Monthly Fee Just AED 125.00
Contract No contracts; cancel anytime
Activation Fee No activation fee or deposit
Network Speed Up to 5G speed
Installation Easy set up, install it yourself
Minimum Subscription Period 1 month
Maximum Subscription Period 12 months
Discount 50% off (plus-icon)
Included Router No router
Compatible Routers – Konka 5G CPE
– HTC 5G Hub
Not Included Router No router
Total Price AED 1,500 (12 months upfront)

Virgin UAE Home Internet Package Details

The Virgin Mobile Mobile Icon plan offers an enticing package for those seeking unlimited data and high-speed connectivity. With a limited-time offer, the plan is priced at AED 3,000, but it provides the flexibility of both upfront and monthly payment options. Customers can choose to pay AED 1,500 upfront for a 12-month subscription, making it a cost-effective choice at just AED 125.00 per month.

One of the standout features of this plan is its contract-free nature, allowing subscribers to cancel anytime without any penalties. There are no activation fees or deposits required, making it hassle-free to get started. The plan promises blazing-fast network speeds of up to 5G, ensuring a seamless online experience.

Installation is a breeze with easy self-setup, so you can get connected quickly and effortlessly. The plan offers a minimum subscription period of just one month, catering to short-term needs, but also allows for a maximum subscription period of 12 months for those seeking a longer commitment.

For cost-conscious customers, there’s a generous 50% discount available, making it even more affordable. Notably, this plan does not include a router, but it is compatible with routers like the Konka 5G CPE and HTC 5G Hub.

Installation Charges for Virgin UAE Home Data Package

The Virgin UAE Internet Data Package comes with hassle-free installation, and there are no installation charges associated with this plan. Customers can enjoy easy self-setup, making it a convenient and cost-effective choice for high-speed internet access without any additional installation fees.

Which Router to Choose for Virgin UAE Internet Packages?

The choice of router for your Virgin UAE Internet package depends on your specific needs and preferences. While the Virgin Mobile Mobile Icon plan mentioned compatibility with routers like the Konka 5G CPE and HTC 5G Hub, it’s important to note that Virgin UAE may offer different plans and router options over time.

Can You Choose Your Own Router with Virgin UAE Home Data Plans?

Yes, you can. Make sure the router is 5G enabled.

When signing up for Virgin Mobile Home Internet, you have the flexibility to choose your address during the registration process. This enables you to check the coverage and 5G connection availability in your specific area. You are presented with two router options:

  1. Purchase a 5G Router from Virgin Mobile: You have the option to acquire a 5G router directly from Virgin Mobile. This router is pre-configured to work seamlessly with their network, ensuring a reliable and compatible 5G internet connection.
  2. Use Your Own Router: Alternatively, if you prefer to use your own router, you can do so. However, it’s crucial to ensure that your personal router is 5G-enabled to fully enjoy the high-speed 5G connection provided by Virgin Mobile.

By selecting your address and router preference during the sign-up process, you can tailor your Virgin Mobile Home Internet experience to best suit your needs and take advantage of the available 5G technology in your area.

What are Monthly Charges of Virgin UAE Home Internet Package?

Virgin Mobile UAE provides both monthly and yearly home internet plans to cater to varying preferences and budgets.

For the monthly plan, customers can subscribe for AED 250 per month, offering flexibility for those who prefer shorter commitments.

On the other hand, the yearly plan requires an upfront payment of AED 1,500 for a 12-month subscription, effectively costing AED 125 per month (excluding VAT). This option offers potential savings and the convenience of a year-long subscription.

What Other People Say About Virgin UAE Home Internet Package?

It’s important to acknowledge that some customers have had negative experiences with Virgin Mobile UAE’s home internet service. Reports of intermittent internet connectivity and frequent outages have been a source of frustration for certain users.

Despite efforts to resolve these issues, including seeking assistance from customer service, problems have persisted. For instance, a customer mentioned that their parents paid a substantial upfront fee of 5,000DHS for a service that did not meet their expectations.

The recurring interruptions in internet service have had real-world consequences, including difficulties in meeting work deadlines for freelancers, potentially leading to financial losses and harm to their professional reputation.

Virgin Mobile Trust Pilot Reviews

Our of 296 people that reviewed the service, majority have given it a rating of 1 out of 5. This means that the service is not at par with other services that are offered by default in the UAE. So, if you are planning to get a good internet service, think twice before you get Virgin UAE.

What is the Virgin UAE 5G Internet Speed?

With 4G LTE data plans, you can typically expect download speeds of up to 150 Mbps. These speeds offer a respectable and reliable online experience for various tasks, including streaming, browsing, and working from home.

On the other hand, if you opt for a 5G data plan, you’re in for an upgrade. 5G data speeds have the potential to reach download speeds of up to 250 Mbps, representing a significant boost in performance compared to 4G LTE. This enhanced speed translates into faster downloads, smoother streaming, and reduced lag during online activities.

Whether you’re streaming your favorite shows, engaging in video conferences, or gaming online, the increased download speeds offered by 5G plans can make a noticeable difference in your overall internet experience. However, it’s important to note that the actual speeds you experience may vary based on factors such as your location, network congestion, and the capabilities of your device.

Is Virgin Based on Du Infrastructure in UAE?

Yes, Virgin is a sub-brand of Du. What does it mean for you? Well, Du owns Virgin rights and the brand runs under its own flag name but as a service dependent on the Du network.

Think of it as a separate brand run by Du to cater to a different public. So, if you are trying to use Virgin and you want to switch from Du, just know that there will not be a significant speed improvement since both have the same infrastructure in place.

That being said, you can try Virgin for a few days and see if it will work for you or not.

Is Virgin the Cheapest Home Internet Service in UAE?

Many people think that Virgin is the cheapest home internet service in UAE. While that is not true if you are paying on a monthly basis because you can easily get Du and Etisalat for a much lower cost.

For comparison:
Etisalat monthly home internet package: 200 dirhams

Du monthly home internet package: 200 dirhams

Virgin monthly home internet package: 200 dirhams

But when we talk about yearly internet packages, then Virgin’s cost significantly reduces to around 125 dirhams per month because you will be paying annually. This is where Virgin UAE network has an edge over others.

Should you switch to Virgin UAE in Dubai?

It completely depends on your internet usage. If you are looking to stay in the country for a year and would like to pay for the service, then it makes sense to switch to Virgin. However, if you are only living in the UAE for a short stay, let’s say one or two months it makes more sense to use Du or Etisalat as both of them have much better packages for short-term stays.

We hope this article has explained everything you would like to know about Virgin UAE home internet packages in detail.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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