How to Activate BOTIM App on Etisalat Mobile Network?

Telecom How to Activate BOTIM App on Etisalat Mobile Network?

Since most of the audio and video calling apps are banned in the United Arab Emirates, the majority of people constantly search for accessible apps to keep themselves connected with their loved ones. 

BOTIM – being a licensed and approved calling app-  has taken over the UAE quite vastly. It is a registered VoIP app and provides uninterrupted voice or video calls across countries. The app features chat, image transfers, voice notes, and video transfer options along with, of course, a steady calling connection.

Here is how you can activate BOTIM on your Etisalat network on smartphone.

Steps to take before downloading BOTIM on your phone

Now, you must be thinking why do you need to activate an app after downloading it from the app store. Well, BOTIM is a prepaid kind of app and you need to get an internet calling subscription plan (ICP) to use it. 

You can get a subscription plan for your mobile phone as well as for your home Wi-fi. Etisalat offers a wide range of internet calling subscription plans for its users to choose from. 

Mentioned below are the Etisalat subscription plans along with the subscription codes. You can choose the plan according to your calling needs and your budget. 

Postpaid Monthly plan:

This plan includes a 50 AED premium with 5% VAT and unlimited data for the whole month. To subscribe, go to your “My Etisalat UAE” app and text ICP to 1012.

Prepaid Monthly Plan:  

This plan is the same as the postpaid plan and the subscription is also the same. 

Prepaid daily plan:

This plan charges 5 AED/day with 5% VAT and 1 GB of data. For the subscription, go to My Etisalat UAE and text DICP to 1012.  

Etisalat Home Wifi monthly plan: 

This plan offers multiple devices usage with 100 AED premium a month and unlimited data for the whole month. For subscription, text EICP to 1012. 

Note: you can also subscribe to these internet calling plans by dialing *101# from your landline phones. 

How to activate BOTIM on Etisalat Network?

After choosing the right internet calling plan according to your desire on your Etisalat sim, download the BOTIM app from the AppStore of your phone.

The app will ask for your phone number and other relevant details. Once you enter all the details in your app, your BOTIM app will be activated on your Etisalat sim. You can then enjoy an uninterrupted and unblocked calling experience from UAE to almost every country. 

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