Mac Error 10673: How to Fix it – Find All Solutions!

The error is: The application is unable to be launched. 10673 on Mac. Are you unable to extract information from an email attachment that includes a link or a clickable image? Normally, the link opens as a website in your Mac’s default browser without stopping email Message previews or other programs such as Zoom, Skype, Webex, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet. Normally, it is the correct sequence to read your email with some information or a registration form, among other things. However, numerous consumers have recently noticed that when they click on the link provided in the email message, an error box, Error 10673, appears.

Let’s repair the glitch and read any link from the Apple Mail app on Mac in your browser.

Error 10673 with Apple Mail on Mac Troubleshooting

  • Error 10673 with Apple Mail on Mac Troubleshooting

If your Mac has numerous browsers installed, you may open it in any of them by right-clicking on the link in the apple mail message and choosing the browser. Internal software difficulties may prevent your default browser from being checked. In this situation, you must reset the setting shown in the following solution.

  • To access a website or URL, go to your Mail message preview > right-click on the link > pick Browser.

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  • Restart your Mac

This might be a momentary glitch that can be resolved by restarting your Mac. The restart procedure is swift and time-consuming, but it will usually resolve your problem.

  • Restart by selecting the Apple logo from the top Mac menu.

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  • Change Mac’s Default Browser

You may alter the default browser on your Mac to access any website URL from your systems, such as the Apple Mail app or the Airdrop webpage. Follow the instructions below to reset and change the Default Browser on Mac.

  • Navigate to the Apple logo in the top Mac menu and choose System Preferences.
  • Then, go to General > Default web browser.
  • Change the browser to Safari. or Re-select the default browser by selecting Another Browse. Nothing needs to be changed if it is chosen.
  • Select the Appropriate Email App Client for Mac

Several customers have resolved the problem by making Apple Mail the default programme instead of Microsoft Edge under Mail preferences settings. as seen in the stages below,

  • Launch the Mail app on your Mac. Mail > Preferences from the top menu.
  • Remove Microsoft Edge from Default Email Reader in the General section.
  • Choose Mail as the default email reader. That’s the end of it.

Now, when you attempt to create a new email from another third-party app or browser email address, your macOS system will redirect you to the mail app.

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  • Force Mail and Other Apps to Quit

If your mail is stuck on selecting a suitable program to view a website from the mail app, I propose forcing the Apple Mail app to quit. Reopen the window and try again.

  • Go to the top Mac menu and choose the Apple logo > Force Quit.
  • Choose Mail app > Force quit.
  • Reopen the mail app to see whether the problem has been resolved.
  • Check Proxy Settings

In your Mac’s network Settings, change the proxy settings. To select the proper choice for Proxy settings, follow the instructions below.

  • Navigate to the Apple logo in the top Mac menu and choose System Preferences.
  • Next, locate and choose the Network Option.
  • Select WiFi from the left side of the window, then Advanced… settings.
  • Select the Proxies Tab > and select the appropriate choice. That’s all there is to it.

If not, uncheck the box and click OK to save your changes. and then click apply once more.

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