Minimum Salary for Credit Card in UAE

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In the United Arab Emirates, a minimum wage is necessary to obtain a credit card and it is at 5000 AED as of writing of this article.

The most easy payment option is a credit card, which has become an essential tool for everyone. The numerous credit card offers and perks given by UAE banks have made credit cards one of the most popular payment options.

Each year, the number of credit card applications in the UAE increases by more than 50%. According to a report, credit card applications in the UAE increased by 65 percent in 2017 compared to the previous year. However, not all of the applications will be granted.

Get Credit cards with Minimum Salary AED 5000

Each bank in the UAE has a different minimum wage requirement for credit cards. However, a credit card requires a minimum salary of AED 5000 in most cases. For a minimum income of AED 5000, numerous banks provide credit cards in the UAE.

Best credit cards in UAE for AED 5000 salary are:

Each of these cards comes with a slew of perks from financial institutions. They provide a wide range of perks, including rebates, meal discounts, travel privileges, movie savings, and much more.

In the UAE, no banks provide credit cards for salaries of less than AED 3000. The minimum wage in the UAE for a credit card is AED 5000, as previously stated.

Credit card in UAE for Below AED 3000 salary

In the UAE, no banks provide credit cards for salaries of less than AED 3000. The minimum wage in the UAE for a credit card is AED 5000, as previously stated.

When used properly, credit cards may be a very useful tool. When you don’t know how to use it, it may also become your greatest nightmare. More than 60% of credit card customers in the UAE are unaware of the interest rates levied on their cards, and around 20% are unaware of the consequences of missing credit card payments. Most credit card users are now in debt as a result of this. Individuals with a monthly salary of less than AED 5000 would be hit the hardest. Banks do not issue credit cards with this feature because of this.

Credit Card Eligibility Criteria UAE

The following variables may influence an applicant’s ability to qualify for a credit card in the UAE:

Age: Between the ages of 21 and 60, the majority of institutions provide credit cards. Credit cards are also available to those under the age of 18. The requirement is that applicants demonstrate their ability to make money.

Income: The income or salary proof is mandatory to get a credit card.

Credit History: Credit scores range from 300 to 900 and are required to obtain a credit card. If an applicant is applying for the first time, they will be given a credit card with restricted possibilities, and the advantages of the credit card will be changed based on card payments.

ID Proof: Expats can present papers such as their passport and visa, whereas UAE nationals must show their Emirates ID.

Address Proof: A valid address proof is required to get a credit card. 

Requirements for Credit Cards in Emirates 

Expats can show their passports and visas, but UAE nationals must show their Emirates ID.

  • Valid Emirates ID and passport
  • Proof of income¬†
  • Minimum 18+ years of age
  • Have a valid UAE mobile number (To ensure more security banks are requesting for valid mobile number)


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