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Turkey eVisa for Pakistan: Requirements & Details

Tech Turkey eVisa for Pakistan: Requirements & Details

Pakistani people require a visa to enter Turkey. If they have a Schengen, USA, UK, or Ireland visa or residency permit, ordinary passport holders can apply through an eVisa system. Ordinary passport holders must apply through a Turkish embassy or another diplomatic institution. Turkey eVisa is a website where you may apply for an eVisa. If the application is approved, the visa will be delivered to the applicant’s email address and printed, ready to present at the Turkish border. The document you obtain is for a single entry only, allowing you to stay in Turkey for a total of 30 days per visit.

FAQs Pakistan Turkey eVisa Requirements

Do Pakistani Residents Require a Turkey Visa?

Yes, Pakistani people must obtain a visa before visiting Turkey. Many Pakistanis, fortunately, may obtain a Turkish visa swiftly and easily online.

Pakistanis do not need to visit an embassy or attend an interview to apply for an eVisa. The entire procedure is completed online

The Pakistani visa for Turkey is a single-entry, one-month pass. For up to 90 days, only official passport holders are immune from visa requirements.

What Do Pakistanis Need to Submit Online Application for Turkey Evisa?

You’ll be relieved to find that applying for a Turkey eVisa online does not need much. Here are some things you’ll need during the application process:

  • Passport — all applicants must have a valid passport. Furthermore, the travel document must be valid for at least another 6 months after arriving in Turkey. A minimum of two blank pages is also required.
  • Photo – make sure the photograph was shot as recently as possible. It is necessary to have a white background. If the visa is to be obtained upon arrival in the country, the applicant must provide two passport-size photographs to attach to the application.
  • Payment options include a credit/debit card or a PayPal account.
  • a scanned copy of a Schengen, United States, United Kingdom, or Irish visa or residence permit
  • The online application form has been completed.

How Long Does It Take for Turkey Visa Application to Be Processed?

  • It is debatable. When it comes to processing time, our online service offers three alternatives so you may pick the one that works best for you. You have the following options:
  • Your Turkey eVisa will come in 24 hours if you choose standard processing.
  • Your application will be handled in as little as four hours if you choose the expedited option.
  • Your travel document will be ready in 30 minutes if you choose Super Rush processing.

How Much Does an Evisa for Turkey Cost?

  • The processing timeframe you choose determines how much money you will spend on your Turkey eVisa. The following are the details:
  • USD 86.50 for standard processing
  • USD 106.50 for expedited processing
  • Processing in Super Rush – USD 126.50

Is There Any Additional Information on the Turkey Evisa?

Pakistanis will be required to show that they have all necessary paperwork at the border. All applicants’ personal information will be kept confidential and utilised solely for the eVisa application process. The mere possession of a Turkish visa does not guarantee access to the country. Any person may be denied entrance by Immigration Officers at the point of entry if they believe the person does not meet the immigration standards or poses a national security danger to the country. Visa extensions must be submitted to the Turkish Department of Immigration with all essential documentation and an explanation of the reason for the extension.

What Is the Duration of the Turkey Evisa?

The eVisa for Turkey is valid for 180 days from the date of entry. This is a one-time entrance visa with a maximum stay of 30 days per entry.


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