Pakistan already own MRAPs

A long debate has been going on about the fate of excess Mine resistant ambush protected vehicles MRAPs for a while, but a recent report written by Paul McLeary on Defense news reveals that Pakistan has already received 22 MRAPs from USA under Pakistan counterinsurgency fund.

According to details, the received vehicles were drawn out from the US army inventory in Kuwait.

Moreover, the report on defense news states that Pakistan and US are in talks about 160 more MRAPs by Navistar, a US manufacturer.

These 160 MRAPs will include a mix of new and old military vehicles from Kuwait stock of US army, says the report.

Previously, US was denying all reports about the exchange of MRAPs to Pakistan framing the news stories as ‘baseless’.

Later, US Islamabad embassy published a press release that all MRAPs will be sold or exchanged through EDA (excess defense articles) program.

Point raiser also found that the new MRAPs are currently passing through a vetting process known as ‘Leahey Amendment’. According to this amendment, US military will not provide its excess vehicles to any foreign military that is involved in human rights violation.

Some units of Pakistan army and air force have been cleared out after the vetting process however Pakistan navy still has to submit all the documents.



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