UBL Internet Virtual Wiz Card for Online Shopping in Pakistan

UBL has launched a virtual prepaid card that you can use anywhere and even online. The UBL virtual wiz card works just like the Telenor easypaisa virtual card. It is basically a mastercard and you can use it to shop at many places.

What is UBL Wiz Virtual Prepaid Card?

The ‘UBL WIZ Virtual Prepaid Card’ aka Ubl virtual card comes with the power of Mastercard, especially tailored for online purchases and payments.

With the ‘UBL WIZ Virtual Prepaid Card’ you define your own limit! The balance you load on this card becomes your online spending limit. You can reload your virtual card as and when you want, without having to visit any Branch – according to UBL.

The card is only available to the UBL account holders at this time and they can avail the facility by following the below steps.

How to get UBL WIZ Virtual Prepaid Card

  • Log-on to your UBL Netbanking or call UBL at 111-825-888 to get your Virtual Card.
  • You need to provide your basic information to receive your Card Number, CVV & Expiry Date via combination of SMS & Email on your registered email/mobile number.
  • The initial load needs to be added while making the card from the account panel. Later, you can update it as per your will.
  • If you are already using UBL Internet or Travel WIZ card, you can still get the virtual WIZ card. Both the cards will be made against your CNIC.

Features of UBL Virtual Wiz Card:

  • It is a Mastercard that can be use anywhere where.
  • Get up to 5 virtual cards against your CNIC.
  • It Can be used for internet transactions
  • Get SMS Alerts of the transactions
  • Added UBL e-statement facility
  • Balance Enquiry free

Ubl virtual card Limits:

Limits PKR
Maximum balance per card (Bio & Non Bio -Verified Customer) 100,000/-


Maximum aggregate loading limit for all WIZ/Virtual Cards issued by UBL on single CNIC in a calendar year (Bio-Verified Customer) 500,000/-
Maximum aggregate loading limit for all WIZ/Virtual Cards issued by UBL on single CNIC in a calendar year (Non Bio-Verified Customer) 100,000/-


Loading / Reloading per instance 100,000/-
Internet usage per day 100,000/-

Ubl virtual card Charges:

Card Fee

Issuance Fee PKR. 300/- + FED
Reload Fee Free
Wiz refund through PO charges PKR 100/- + FED

International Transactions

Purchase in currency other than USD & PKR Free
Purchase in USD & PKR 4% of transaction amount

Charge on Declined Transaction

For Local – In case of Low Balance and Excess over Limit PKR. 5/-
For International – In case of Low Balance and Excess over Limit PKR. 35/


Telenor recently closed their easypaisa virtual card. So, the UBL internet virtual wiz card can be used as an alternative for that.

As we reported earlier, many people were using the Telenor easypaisa virtual card for boosting their facebook posts, deleting their cards before the payment is processed. This was one reason Telenor stopped the service.

We hope this doesn’t happen with the UBL Virtual Wiz card and that people only use it for actual transactions. This card can be used as an alternative to the Telenor virtual card.

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