How to Pay Your Dubai Traffic Fines Online

People don’t want to suffer and wait for their turn in the contemporary day, where everything is being digitized. If you live in Dubai, this pain can be avoided by paying online penalties. In this article, we will explain to you how the official RTA website may pay penalties online. We have produced a step by step tutorial for this purpose. This is a really easy technique, and I do so.

Simple Method to Pay Dubai RTA Traffic Fines Online 

Now it’s extremely easy to pay Dubai traffic violation payments because you have several choices. You can pay penalties without too much pain using these choices, such as kiosks, banks etc.

Dubai Traffic Fine Payment Methods

  1. Bank account
  2. Kiosks 
  3. Online payment on RTA website

In this article, we will discuss how you can pay the Dubai RTA fine online without any problem.

RTA Dubai Traffic Fines Online Step by Step

The RTA site has an easy-to-use design, but you want additional details on the method we’ve done to that goal.

1.Navigate this page to start with: and see your features by entering the characteristics of your car (plate number, license number, and so on). We have chosen one for our scenario since it was much easier for us. Type the check code and “Search” Type

  1. Your list of fines for your car will be displayed on a page. Each of your penalties can be paid or you can select those you need to pay first. Click on “Proceed”.

rta fine check

  1. You need to provide your traffic file number and year of birth. A spring-up window will show you are the owner of the vehicle you’re paying for. From the registration card (yellow or gold card), you may receive your traffic file number underneath ‘T.C.’ Please snap the option “Confirm.”
  2. You may check the payment outline in this area. 4. Pay on the website using the “E-Payment” button and click on the “Pay” button. If it is not too difficult, impose additional costs in addition to the real fines. They are ordered at ‘Information/Innovation Cost,’ which is 20 AED Dirhams for each penalty.
  3. Choose your mode of payment, contact information and snap “Pay” below. After that, you’ll be able to enter your card/debit card info on the Smart Payment Entry using the “Dubai Pay” application in Smart Dubai.
  4. Here the card details must be added and then the “Pay” button should be clicked.
  5. Your bank may want you to validate your exchange depending on your payment method selected. I used my RAKBANK card to pay for my RTA fine. It led me to a page where my cell phone number sends me a secret code word to input the secret key to validate the trade

  1. Your traffic fine payment has been made successfully. A further page shows the successful payment cycle. 

Note: You also get a payment code that you can use for verification later on. This ensures that the payment for the Dubai RTA traffic fine has been successfully submitted.

How Do I Check My RTA Traffic Fines Online?

You can also check the RTA fines online if you get into a problem. The fines will appear on the RTA portal. 

  1. Visit
  2. Go to “Driver and Car owner”
  3. Go to “Fines” then “Pay Dubai traffic fines”
  4. Click on “Start” and enter the required details to pay your Dubai traffic violation fines.

The website also keeps data of the previous fines you have paid on Dubai RTA portal. So, if you ever need a history of your fines, you can review them on the page as well. The portal will also provide details of time, date, the event, traffic rule violation, and payment as well.

Ready to Pay Your Dubai RTA Fine Online?

Dubai has made it a lot easier for anyone to pay traffic violation fines online. I hope that you will not have any problem in successfully submitting the Dubai RTA fine in future. 

Dubai Traffic fines are a type of punishment and sanctions which do not follow the Rules and Regulations, which can have serious repercussions. The outcomes of this neglect. Keep the fines lesson and become a responsible citizen.

Our recommendation to you is to always follow Dubai traffic rules and ensure that you stay safe on the roads.

Note: Before renewing your car/vehicle registration, I urge that you clear the Dubai RTA traffic fines. 

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