How to Apply for OEC Certificate in Dubai

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Here are some of the best ways to apply for OEC in Dubai. We have listed all the details that can help you get employment with ease.

You need an Overseas Employment Certificate if you’re not a resident of the UAE and wish to work in its premises (OEC). If you are a Pakistani citizen and are working in Dubai, for example, then before arriving here you must apply for the OEC. Do you know your OEC certificate or how to renew it? What to do if you’re not in your home nation and have to renew it?

They must attend the Philippine Consulate or the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (Polo) in Dubai for Philippine citizens. Please read the text to understand the problems and the requirements you may face in this procedure during the entire method of renewing the OEC.

Complete Guide for Applying OEC in Dubai

Wait! To verify first of all if your membership in Dubai is expired, you may regrettably not register for the OEC with the Overseas Worker Welfare Administration (OWWA). Before applying for the OEC, you must renew your OWWA membership. You must also update the information sheet for the OFW agency.

Therefore, let us examine the other OEC certificate needs, mark them and arrange them before you go to the consulate, your time is saved.

Requirements for Applying for OEC

  • Original passport and its two photocopies
  • Confirmed round-trip ticket of the plane

Some extra papers, apart from the above stated, are also necessary in exceptional circumstances, such domestic workers, Balik-Manggagawa, and housemate workers:

  • The original contract of immigration and two photocopies
  • Two photocopies and residence visas
  • the photocopying and the original passport of the sponsor
  • Affidavit of undertaking by the sponsor
  • Sponsor’s Information Paper
  • Copy of the sponsored visa if the sponsor is not a UAE citizen

Processing Fee for OEC in Dubai

AED 10 is the OEC fee.

If you have arranged all the necessary papers, you should pay the processing cost for the application to process your application.

The AED 92 membership cost for OWWA is AED 92, however, you have to pay this amount if your OWWA membership expires.

Balik Manggagawa Workers: OEC Documents Requirement

Always have a minimum of two copies of the following OEC-required documents with you.

  • Domestic Workers’ Employment/Labor Contract
  • Copy of the employer’s/passport sponsor’s and visa (for non-Emiratis)
  • Originals and copies of valid passports and visas for Balik Manggagawa workers
  • Employer/sponsors’ Affidavit of Undertaking
    Information Sheet for Employers/Sponsors (2 copies)
  • Any proof of current employment, such as a recent paystub or current employment certificate
  • If returning to the same company but in a different nation, a letter from the employer attesting to the worker’s jobsite transfer.

Procedure for Applying for OEC in Dubai

Now, assuming you have money and papers, follow the steps below to request the OEC:

Build a POLO website account. After you have created the web login account, make an online appointment. The Balik-Manggagawa Online Processing System can also be used as an appointment.

Store, make three prints or copies of the form, fill in all needed details on OEC BM’s online form.

The appointment date and time are provided, contact the concerned individual at the POLO office in Dubai on the specified day and time. Don’t forget to take with the application form the necessary papers

Pay your case’s necessary fee and wait for the OEC.

Note: The details provided about OEC in Dubai are to help individuals alone. Therefore, you may please visit the POLO Official website if your requests relate to the procedure for applying the OEC or any other data.

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