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How Much Is PTA Mobile Tax on Passport?

How Much Is PTA Mobile Tax on Passport?

Let’s learn about How Much Is PTA Mobile Tax on Passport and how you can calculate that easily if you are importing any new smartphone in Pakistan.

PTA Tax calculator (for Passport holders)

People who travel overseas and transport smartphones are excluded from PTA tax. However, the PTA mobile tax list is provided below for those with a passport.

$1 to $30 PKR. 430
$31 to$100 PKR. 3200
$101 to $200 PKR. 9580
$201 to $350 PKR. 12200 plus 17% sales tax Ad Valorem
$351 to $500 PKR. 17800 plus 17% sales tax Ad Valorem
$501 to above than $501 PKR. 36870 plus 17% sales tax Ad Valorem

How to Calculate PTA Mobile Tax with passport?

The following table shares the total tax on mobile phone in Pakistan based on the price range in USD.

Let’s take an example to calculate the tax on smartphones in Pakistan. You buy an iPhone 15 Pro Max from Dubai. The value of iPhone 15 Pro Max is USD is $1599. That would translate to around 450,000 PKR.

You bring the smartphone in Pakistan and try to use it. You cannot do that because you need to enable its IMEIs on PTA. This is the only way you can use it.

Now, to do that, you will have to pay a certain tax on iPhone. Let’s calculate the tax now.

The value of the smartphone in our case is $1599 which is way above $501 figure. So a flat tax of 37000 PKR will apply to it.

Now, we also have to calculate the sales tax that will be applied in Pakistan. This sales tax is 17% of the total value of the smartphone. In our case, the value of iPhone 15 Pro Max is 450,000 PKR.

So, 17% of 450000 PKR will be 76500 PKR. Now you will also have to add the sales tax and the flat tax imposed in Pakistan on iPhone 15 Pro Max.

In our case, the tax will be 113500 PKR. So, the total price of iPhone 15 Pro Max in Pakistan will be 450,000 PKR (initial price without taxes) + (113500 PKR) tax in Pakistan by PTA.

Now, this would be around 113500+450,000=563500 PKR.

This is the tax that will be imposed on iPhone if someone registered it using their passport and not NIC card.

Can You Use a Smartphone Without Paying PTA Mobile Tax?

Yes, you can use a smartphone for 120 days in Pakistan after activating a SIM card on it. If you do not pay any tax on the smartphone, then the device will be automatically blocked and will only be unlocked when you have paid tax on it.

How to Check My Smartphone is PTA Approved?

You can send an SMS to 8484 with only your IMEI number and you will get a reply if the IMEI number is registered with PTA or not. This is the most simple way to find out if your device is PTA approved.

You can also download the DIRBS PTA mobile app from Google Play or Apple App store. Once it is installed, you can enter your IMEI number on the device to see if your mobile phone is PTA approved.

How Many Phones Can You Bring to Pakistan from Abroad?

You are only allowed one smartphone as a personal item. All other smartphones that you carry with yourself will require you to pay a duty on them.

How to Complete PTA Mobile Tax Payment with Passport?

You can login to DIRBS website or download the DIRBS app on your smartphone, and pay the PTA mobile tax. Once the tax is paid, you will receive a message that your device has been successfully registered on the network. Now you can use it without any problems and your device will not be locked.

Can You Register Mobile on PTA with Passport Even if You have a NIC?

If you reside in Pakistan, then you will only be allowed to register your device with a CNIC number. However, if you are an overseas Pakistani, then you can pay the tax using your passport number as well. The passport should be from a different country and not from Pakistan, otherwise your application will be rejected.

Why is PTA Tax in Passport Cheaper than CNIC?

The only reason PTA Tax on passport is cheaper is because it usually is used by Overseas Pakistanis. Since overseas Pakistanis do not reside in the country and rarely live in Pakistan, they are allowed some relaxation when it comes to taxes.

On the other hand, PTA tax on CNIC is a lot more expensive because it is for only those people that are nationals of Pakistan. They live in the country and use all its resources, therefore PTA has imposed a full mobile tax on them.

How to Pay PTA Mobile tax on passport?

You can directly pay the PTA mobile tax on passport by the following three options:

1. Sending an SMS to 8484
You will have to follow the instructions available on the screen to pay PTA mobile tax for your unregistered smartphone.
2. Download DIRBS Mobile App
When you download the DIRBS mobile app, you can directly submit your details and the app will show you the amount of tax that you will have to pay through you mobile device.
3. Use DIRBS Website
If you are using the website version of PTA, then you will have to simply log on to the website, enter your mobile and passport details, and the website will automatically calculate the tax that you have to pay to PTA on your mobile.

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