Ufone Off-net Call Packages: Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Ufone Packages, Codes, Sim prices

Below are the details for Ufone Off-net Call Packages. You will find the list of Freedom Bucket Bundle Offers first.

With Ufone freedom bucket off-net call packages, you can talk to anyone off-the-network for lowest prices available. You don’t have to spend hefty amount on calling your loved ones anymore because the freedom to talk is available to you with the Freedom Bucket Bundle Offer.

Ufone offnet call packages – Prices & Tariff

There are two Ufone offnet call packages available to you.

The first one is…

Freedom Bucket 1000:

With freedom bucket 1000, you get1000 minutes to call someone. All the minutes will bee charged at rupees 1 + tax.

Freedom Bucket 400:

Second is the Ufone freedom bucket 400 minutes. With this offer you get 400 minutes at a price of rupees 1.25 per minute + tax.

Details of Ufone Off-net Mobile Packages

Freedom bucket 1000 – you get 1000 minutes at Re. 1/ min + tax
Freedom Bucket 400 – you get 400 minutes at Rs. 1.25/ min + tax


How to Subscribe to Ufone Offnet Call Packages?

Subscribing to the call packages is easy.

To subscribe to the Freedom Bucket 1000, just SMS “SUB” to 6500

To subscribe to the Freedom Bucket 400, just SMS “SUB” to 4500

Conditions of Ufone Call packages:

Additional tax of 0.84 percent will be charged in Islamabad, AJK, Gilgit Baltistan and Fata areas.

FED of 19.5 percent will be charged for loading a card or sharing balance from one ufone sim to the other.

Your SIM is your identity, only use SIMs issued through Biometric Verification – PTA

This is a list of all Ufone Off-Net Call Packages

Package Name Free On-Net Mins Free Off-Net Mins Free SMS Free MBs Validity Price
Ufone 3 Pe 3 Package 120 1 Day Rs.5
Ufone Super 5 Package 43200 1 Day Rs.5
Ufone Power Hour 60 60 60 1 Day Rs.6
Ufone Din Bhar Package 100 1 Day Rs.7
Ufone 24 Ghantay Package 86400 1 Day Rs.11.99
Ufone Daily Pakistan Offer 100 10 1 Day Rs.18
Ufone Power Pack Package 100 100 1000 7 Days Rs.80
Ufone Weekly Pakistan Pakistan 700 100 7 Days Rs.100
Ufone Super Minutes Package 75 7 Days Rs.100
Ufone Super Card Mini – Rs. 275 500 75 500 500 1 Month Rs.275
Ufone Monthly Pakistan Package 4000 400 1 Month Rs.418
Ufone Super Card – 499 Per Month 1000 150 1000 1000 1 Month Rs.499
Ufone Super Card Plus – Rs. 599 1200 180 1200 1200 1 Month Rs.599



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