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In our last article we discussed how you can add caller tune to your Zong mobile phone. In this post we will discuss how you can add Ufone caller tune also called Ufone dial tone to your smart phone.

What is Ufone Caller Tune?

Ufone caller tune will replace the current dial tone and instead you will listen to a song or naat of your choice. Ufone offers multiple options from naat, qawali, music, song, and many other types of music. You can easily add the ufone caller tone service to your smartphone for a small price of 1.5 PKR.
You can use the Ufone caller tune conventional ringing tone with Ufone and it will work perfectly. The tune can be any tune of your choice. They will ask you to select a caller tune of your choice from a given list.
So, with all that information, let’s learn how to add Ufone caller tune aka Dial tune to your smartphone.

Ufone Caller Tune Subscription

You can easily add Ufone caller tune to your list by dialing a USSD code number.
To Subscribe: Dial *666# or send sub to 666
Price: Rs 1.68 Per Day
Unsubscribe to the Ufone Caller tune: Unsub to 666

 Ufone Caller Tune Features

– The Ufone caller tune service allows you to activate and deactivate caller tune by pressing * key. You can also press * when you want to copy the caller tune of another person.
– You can record a Utune by dialing 666 IVR
– You can set the Ufone caller tune from the Utune library OR download the mobile app
– Click here to Manage your Utunes

Ufone Caller Tunes/Dial Tone Terms

Here are the terms for Ufone caller tune service. To unsubscribe Utunes SMS ‘unsub’ to 666
Regional (Federal/Provincial) taxes may apply.

Why Do You Need Ufone Caller Tune?

Ufone caller tune service is perfect for all those who want to stand out from the crowd. With the ufone caller tunes, they differentiate themselves so others can easily recognize who they are calling. The ufone dial tone is easy to replace and you can easily set a caller tune of your choice. So, if you are going for the ufone caller tune service, it is better to test it with friends and family first.

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