Viva Kuwait (STC) Balance Check Method: Postpaid/Prepaid

STC Sawa short service and activation codes

Here is how you can check VIVA STC mobile and internet balance with USSD codes and mobile app.

There are many reasons to check your account balance on Kuwait VIVA STC telecom network. What if your balance is getting deducted due to some service you took?

You have, for example, prepaid or postpaid recharged your line or sent credit from your sim card to another Viva (STC) number in Kuwait. But that isn’t the point, and in this post, I’ll show you how to check your balance in Viva STC telecom Kuwait using various methods.

So, let’s get this party started…

Check Viva Balance via USSD Code

For your records, Viva is now officially STC in Kuwait.

This is the simplest and most straightforward way of checking or learning your Viva STC Kuwait remaining balance. To check the bonus number, simply dial *555# or *556# on your USSD phone. After a while, Viva (STC) will send you a confirmation SMS with your remaining balance. As a result, there is no way to verify.

How to Check Viva STC Kuwait Balance

Prepaid users: Dial *555# or *556# on your USSD phone.

Postpaid users: send SMS QA to 567

Postpaid users, on the other hand, can send SMS QA to 567 to check their remaining credit, minutes, and so on, or simply SMS Q to 567. As a result, neither prepaid nor postpaid users will incur any additional charges as a result of this process.

Check Viva Balance via Mystc KW app

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It takes some time to check the Viva STC code each time you want to know how much credit you have left. That is why Viva My(STC) has a feature like this in their mobile app as well, which is available for both Android and iOS. You can download the mystc KW app to your smartphone, log in with your phone number and password, and check your dashboard for remaining credit.

All you have to do is open the mystc KW app and follow the instructions.

If you have enough credit, you can try their best internet plans, which have reasonable rates and sufficient validity. Thus, the above two are the simplest ways for monitoring the remaining balance on your Viva Kuwait or STC number, whether it is prepaid or postpaid.

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Check Internet Balance on VIVA STC via App

  1. Install the Viva MySTC Kw app and open it.
  2. Now Sign up. give your phone number and email and make an anonymous password for the App.
  3. Now you will get a code, enter it and click next.
  4. You can access your Viva Internet balance now.
  5. Viva mystc app will also tell you about your mobile balance and many other features such as which packages you have in use.

Viva Internet Balance Check Code

  • To check Internet balance using codes,
  • First, open your phone dialer.
  • Now type *556# and make a call from your Viva Kuwait SIM.
  • You can see your Viva internet balance now.

How to check my Internet usage in Viva Kuwait?

Dial *556# and call through your Viva number. You’ll be notified about your usage then. If it doesn’t work, then follow our article procedures again.

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If all these don’t work, then what to do?

Please call in 102 and sort your problem out.

Is there an SMS option for checking my Viva Kuwait STC balance?

Yes, there is a way to check your Viva Kuwait STC balance via SMS. You can SMS “2220” to 900 to receive your balance information.

Is there a customer service number I can call to check my Viva Kuwait STC balance?

Yes, you can call Viva Kuwait STC customer service on 102 to check your balance. You can also Whatsapp them at 500 55102 or call +965 55102102 if you are abroad.

Does Viva Kuwait provide a way to check my STC balance online?

Viva Kuwait does provide a way to check your STC balance online. To do so, visit Viva‘s website and login to your account. Once logged in, you will be able to view your STC balance in theMy Account section. Or you can just dial *166# from your mobile to check the STC balance for VIVA Kuwait.

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Is there a charge for checking my Viva Kuwait STC balance?

No, there is no charge for checking your Viva Kuwait STC balance. It is free of cost and can be done online, through app, or by calling customer service.

What App Can I Use to check Viva Kuwait STC Internet Balance?

You can use the VIVA Kuwait app to check your mySTC app to check the VIVA Kuwait STC Internet balance. The app is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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