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Abu Dhabi Green Pass Rule: All You Should Know

Abu Dhabi Green Pass Rule: All You Should Know

On June 15, 2021, authorities implemented the green pass Abu Dhabi rule for inhabitants aged 16 and up. The Abu Dhabi green pass, according to the Abu Dhabi Emergency Crisis and Disasters Committee, is part of the emirate’s four-pillar approach, which includes active contract tracing, immunization, safe admission, and preventive measures.

Entering Abu Dhabi & Green Pass Rule

The following is the current list of who is allowed to enter Abu Dhabi based on vaccination and green status:

  • The new limitations, which apply to both residents and tourists, would need proof of vaccination to enter various public venues.
  • The UAE’s testing and immunization app, Al Hosn, will be used as a health pass to gain entry to these locations.
  • Grey-status individuals will be denied access.
  • Those excused from vaccination with a green status on the Al Hosn app, which appears after a negative PCR test result and lasts for seven days, are also allowed entry.
  • To keep your vaccinated status on the app, you must take a third booster dose six months after the second dose. Only those who have received two doses of the Sinopharm immunization must comply with this criterion.
  • The Green Pass Abu Dhabi, on the other hand, is no longer required for visitors from other emirates to enter the capital city. (Previously, vehicles had to stop at the Ghantoot border to prove they were virus-free on Al Hosn, but new announcements mean commuters can now take a straight route to Abu Dhabi without having to organize PCR testing ahead of time.)

The PCR test limits that apply in other emirates are no longer implemented in Abu Dhabi.

  • Residents can use the Al Hosn app Green Pass Abu Dhabi to show proof of vaccination and gain access to:
  • Shopping malls
  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Retail establishments (including those not within a shopping centre)
  • Gyms
  • Sports and recreation facilities
  • Clubs for fitness
  • Museums and cultural centre’s are available at resorts.
  • Theme parks are a type of attraction.
  • Universities, public and private schools, nurseries, and other educational institutions are also available.

It’s worth noting that this law does not apply to supermarkets or pharmacies.

It’s worth noting that this law does not apply to supermarkets or pharmacies.

What Does It Mean to Have Dubai Green Pass?

On the Al Hosn app, the green pass is one of three color codes. Grey and red are the other two colors. Al Hosn is a contact tracing tool developed by the UAE government to combat the spread of corona virus. The validity of the COVID-19 PCR test and the resident’s vaccination status are reflected in the red, grey, or green status on the Al Hosn app.

Color Coding with 3 Different Colors on PCR Test

Let’s have a look at the color coding on the Al Hosn app before we get into the green pass status. The Al Hosn app’s color-coding scheme uses three different colors, each of which represents the resident’s current COVID-19 status.

  • Green appears 28 days after having your second dose of COVID vaccine or as a consequence of a negative PCR test.
  • You haven’t been vaccinated, haven’t received a formal exemption, haven’t had a booster, or haven’t had a PCR test in the recent 30 days if you’re grey.
  • COVID-19 positivity is indicated by the color red.

How to Use the Abu Dhabi Green Pass

To visit public locations, residents and tourists must show a valid green pass from the Al Hosn app.

Green Pass for Residential Use

On the Al Hosn app, there are six different levels of green status. The following are the details:

Green status for 30 days on the Al Hosn app –Vaccinated individuals who received their second dose at least 28 days prior or who are volunteers in vaccine trials will receive green status on the Al Hosn app for 30 days from the last RT-PCR test they took, as long as the test result provided was negative. In certain circumstances, the letter E and a gold star will appear next to the green status on the app for 7 days. These people must take an RT-PCR test every 30 days to keep their green status, and the result must be negative.


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