iPhone Cable Wires Green, White, Red, Orange Explained

My iPhone Charging Cable Has Green, White, Red, and Orange Wires- What do these color mean?

USB Wire Cable and the Different Wire Colors: Orange, White, Blue and Green

Apple Devices, including iPhones and iPads, integrate with USB-driven cables or cords to connect with a computer or for charging purposes. The iPhone users may encounter color-coded wires like orange, red, white, and green while unlocking the USB cord. 

Typically, USBs have issues such as loose links and the like. We can peel off or skinn your USB wires so you can see what’s inside.

The red, black, green, and white wires are used in almost all USB devices.

In certain instances, usb has a different colour coding system with a certain set of wire colours, which is what the hub is for.

iPhone USB Charging Cable: Wire Colors Explained

Since USB refers to ‘Universal Serial Bus’, all these colored wires perform a different function to assist the users. If you’re also using an iPhone, you can check the inside of the cord to see various wire color combinations, such as orange, red, white, and green. 

Another common usb cable - four wires inside Orange, White, Blue and Green

These color-coded wires represent individual purposes. Let’s see the guide for a better understanding to help the users learn more about them. They serve the following functions:

  • White Wires in iPhone Charging Cable

White wires are important wires in iPhone USB adapters. They are the positive data wires and without them, it’s nearly impossible for USB cables to transfer data properly. Usually, these wires provide a pathway leading to electric power to fully run your Apple devices.

  • Orange Wires in iPhone Charging Cable

You may also find orange power wires inside your iPhone chargers. These loose or thin wires are the positive ones that deliver 5 volts of DC power to support other wires. Hence, they also play a crucial role to supply the right kind of power.

  • Red Wires in iPhone Charging Cable

Other specific color-coded wires, such as the red or brown ones are available inside the chargers of your Apple devices as well. They are hot wires that connect to your device’s charger to provide an adequate supply of volts.

  • Green Wires in iPhone Charging Cable

Finally, the green wires are the negative data wires. These unique wires are essential to exchange data effectively. Both positive and negative data wires play a vital role with the other color-coded wires to connect your hardware device without any interruptions.

Wrapping Up iPhone Wire Colors:

All of these four colored wires inside your iPhone’s charger indicate different functions and purposes. They help distinguish different USB versions. Hence, they all provide superspeed and faster data transfers to all iPhone users. Whether it’s white, green, red, or orange, these four wires perform as connectors and negative and positive data wires. 

If you experience the same-colored wires in your USB-driven cables next time, you’ll know now what each of them means for your Apple device. If you still want to learn more, you can ask an expert or check this guide for more information. 

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