How To Get Cheapest Internet Rates In UAE & Dubai?

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Here is how you can get the cheapest internet rates in UAE and Dubai.

Choosing the right internet data package in the UAE can be a daunting task, for sure. And all the offers and promotions make it even more confusing. 

After the number portability facility announced by TRA (telecom regulatory authority), the users can now switch operators without losing their existing numbers. This has caused operators to generate enticing prepaid and postpaid data bundles to attract more customers. 

Etisalat and du -two leading operators in the UAE- are offering multiple mobile data bundles at very reasonable, in fact, cheap internet rates. The user can opt for any suitable data plan by considering the factors like speed limit and data usage policy. These two factors must be taken into consideration when choosing the right data plan for yourself.

List of Cheap Internet Bundle Deals in the UAE & Dubai

For heavy data users:

For people that are hefty Internet users and tend to consume 10 GB data in a month: 

Etisalat and du, both offer 10 GB data at the rate of 30 Dh per GB, i.e, 300 Dhs per month.

Another offer by Etisalat for heavy data users needing 20 GB data in a month is:

20 GB data at a rate of 22.45 Dhs per GB, I.e, 449 Dhs per month.

Du offers 25 GB data at a rate of 20 dhs per GB, I.e, 500 Dhs per month. 

For moderate data users:

For people that use a moderate amount of data on a monthly basis can choose from the below-mentioned data bundles:

Etisalat and du, both offer 5 GB data at the rate of 40 Dhs per 1 GB, which means 200 dhs per month.

For limited data users:

For people that use a small amount of data, both operators provide data plans that are exceptionally reasonable: 

Etisalat and du, both offer 1 GB data at 100 Dhs per month. 

Much lesser data bundles are also available for people having very small mobile data needs. 

Etisalat gives 250 MBs for 29 Dhs only which means 116 fills per Mb.

Similarly, Du provides 450 Mbs of data for just 50Dhs, 160 Mbs of data for just 20 Dhs, I.e, 125 fills per Mb.

Weekly data bundles:

With Etisalat, you can get weekly 100 Mbs of data in 15 Dhs, 500 Mbs in 35 Dhs and 1 Gb data in 50 Dhs. (Du is not right now offering any weekly data bundles.) 

Daily data bundles:

The daily data bundles are the most helpful one and can be really reasonable.

The daily data bundles by Etisalat are as follows:

100 Mb for 3 dhs (192 kbps)

100 Mb for 5 dhs (4G)

250 Mb for dhs 

Social bundles:

With Etisalat social media bundles, you get a monthly social plan at 49 dhs.

While du monthly social bundle offers 5 social applications including WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, messenger and linked in, in just 29 dhs.

Looking for promotions?

Don’t forget to hunt for Promotions and “limited time offers” that both the operators have to offer. Users can get impressive data deals by availing these offers. 

Just, for instance, du blasted off this amazing offer in January which provided the users with an unlimited internet facility in 3 dhs only (2 Gb per day fair use policy). An unlimited (60 Gb per month) amount of internet at this price is insane. Isn’t it? That’s why you have to fetch for offers like these to stay updated with the limited time offers and promotions to get the cheapest internet rates in the UAE.

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