Etisalat Sim Registration Renewal: All You Need to Know

Everything is conveniently accessible in a fully-automated world of modern apps today. Similarly, you can now register or renew your sim without queuing up at Etisalat’s Counter through My Etisalat UAE App. 

Etisalat has launched the new ‘Etisalat sim registration renewal program’ for its subscribers. Now, smart users can conduct the sim renewal process in the UAE with their valid Emirates ID. As per the policy implemented by The Telecom Regulatory Authority – TRA, it’s essential for users to update their Etisalat mobile numbers with updated details. 

Etisalat Sim Renewal Process 

All you need to do is visit the Etisalat App, submit the required documents and details, and you’re ready to renew your sim!

Required Documents for Sim Registration

If you want to know more about the document details to renew your registration, below is the list to help you out with the process.

  • Valid and Original Emirates ID for UAE Nationals
  • Valid and Original GCC ID or GCC Passport for GCC Nationals
  • Valid and Original Emirates ID for UAE Residents
  • Valid and Original Emirates ID for People of Determination
  • Valid Government Decree or Establishment Card for Govt. and Business Entities
  • Valid Trade License for Business Entities
  • Valid and Original Emirates ID, Passport, and Visa Page from Authorized Person for Govt. and Business Entities. 

Documents for Etisalat Sim Card

You can also access the online Etisalat sim registration renewal process via the website for immediate registration. Further, the process requires you to upload a picture of your ID and other documents using the link. 

Finally, update your profile details and specify the SIM card numbers under your name that need renewal registration. Moreover, the process will disconnect and remove all the unregistered mobile numbers for safety purposes.

As stated by the spokesperson of Etisalat, the online renewal process can enhance customer experiences. It can provide ease to them as they renew mobile accounts. So far, customers are happy with the easy-going online process through the app and website. 

Renew Etisalat SIM Card On Mobile App

The My Etisalat UAE Mobile app is simple to download and install. Login or register with your mobile number, then select ‘Renew your Registration’ from the menu. Add your details and upload your original documents, which should include a screenshot of your valid Emirates ID. Then use the method below to keep track of your submission.
By doing this, you will successfully register your Etisalat SIM Card easily.

Precautions when Renewing Etisalat Sim Card

  • Remember, your SIM card’s validity depends on the submission of valid documents. Check their expiry date before submitting them. 
  • Ensure that your details are correct and complete such as the uploaded image is clear and the mobile account is not under a different name. 
  • If the process fails, you’ll receive a two-month grace period to upload the documents. After that, you’ll no longer have access to Etisalat’s mobile services. 

If you’re a subscriber, you can now sign up for Etisalat sim registration renewal online service and link your mobile accounts. Also, you can track the status of your documents online to renew your sim registration. 

Check Your Etisalat SIM Card Renewal Status

Here is the Etisalat Renewal Status update.

Once you’ve finished inserting your information and submitting the required documents in the Etisalat app for sim card registration renewal, you’re done. Then, on the Etisalat official website, you can check the status of your registration renewal. All you have to do is go to this page to check the status of your registration renewal. Click the Submit button after entering your Emirates ID number.

The screen will refresh, displaying the status of your registration renewal. If you encounter any difficulties while doing so, contact Etisalat; they will undoubtedly resolve your issue.

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