How to Check Mobily Balance & Internet Data Package

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Mobily in Saudi Arabia allows you to locate and verify your internet and smartphone balance using a variety of tools. Do you want to see what those strategies are? You’ve come to the right location if you want to learn more about the treatment. If you are new to KSA and have a Mobily sim card. You must understand how to verify or monitor your Mobily balance and internet data, if available.

I’m going to show you a variety of simple methods for tracking your Mobily Saudi Arabia mobile balance. In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to use the USSD code, SMS, and call the helpline to verify your Mobily balance and in KSA. Why am I bringing up internet data balance? Prepaid and postpaid users can choose from a variety of internet and SMS bundles. As a result, if you have enabled all of them, you must

How to Check Mobily Balance in KSA?

To keep track of the balance and data use on the Mobily network in Saudi Arabia, there are three separate methods/procedures. They are, in fact:

Mobily Balance Check USSD Code

This is the first and most straightforward way to check your Mobily balance in Saudi Arabia. Simply enter *1411# and hit the call button. The automated system will search your account and show your latest smartphone balance immediately.

Check Mobily Balance with SMS

This is the second and simplest method for checking the Mobily balance. Go to Messages, compose a new letter, enter “1,” and send it to 1411. You will receive an SMS containing your remaining Mobily balance shortly after sending the post. However, when pursuing this protocol, it is not known whether or not there are fines.

Mobily Balance Check with Mobile App

If you have internet access with your sim card. Then I recommend that you use this form. It’s easy, and you won’t have to recall any USSD codes or SMS procedures. Simply grab the Mobily official version from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Then sign up with your phone number and go to the “Dashboard” to see all of your available services, such as balance, info, internet, SMS, minutes, and so on.

Check Mobily Internet Data Balance in KSA

In addition to the standard balance check, there are three separate methods for tracking the internet data use on the Mobily network in KSA. They are as follows:

Mobily Internet Data Balance Check USSD Code

By dialing the USSD code, you can conveniently monitor internet data use. *1422# is the USSD code for testing Mobily internet data balance. The remaining data balance alert will appear on your mobile screen in a split second.

Check Mobily Internet Data with SMS

The simplest and most straightforward technique ever, Simply launch your “Message” submission. Create a new message and send it to 1422 by typing “1” and the message. Within a minute, you will receive an SMS from Mobily containing your remaining internet data consumption.

How to Check Mobily Bundle Package?

In KSA, the process for testing the Mobily bundle is almost identical. All you have to do is open your phone dial pad and enter *1411# or give SMS “1” to 1411. Mobily will send you a return message with your package and any remaining data in a short period of time.

Check Mobily Bundle Package with App

You must have internet data on your sim card to complete this operation. The recommendation that follows this simple form. It’s easy, and the best thing is that you don’t need to recall any USSD codes or SMS methods. Simply grab the Mobily official version from the Playstore or the iOS App Store.

Sign up with your personal phone, then go to the “Dashboard” to see all of your tools, such as balance, info, twitter, SMS, minutes, and so on.

Don’t Know Your Mobily Number? Find It Here

You may have forgotten your Mobily number. Then you’re still wondering, “How do I find my phone number?” You will quickly locate your Mobily sim card number by dialing *222# and pressing the call button. On your phone’s screen, you can now see your Mobily sim card number. You may locate it by texting “1” to 1411. You will get an SMS with the number you are now using shortly.


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