How Much Data Mobile Legends Consume Per Game?

Game Errors How Much Data Mobile Legends Consume Per Game?

Average data consumption for a Mobile legends gameplay would be around 10MBs to 15MBs for every game session.

For its limited barrier of entry and flexibility, mobile gaming has risen in importance. When did multiplayer modes the same as Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, and the newer Call of Duty Mobile all gather the data? Telcos offer 1Mega bytes data coupon code to help these mobile players; some even include revenue for gaming, such as Smart’s Giga promos. Are these offers sufficient to meet your gaming prerequisites?

Mobile Legends Data Usage Statistics 

Bang Bang will help players budget their mobile data intake properly. If you don’t have a stable WiFi connection, mobile internet will be a vital commodity if you intend to play this same game. Mobile Legends players are allowed to play for longer durations if they have enuf mobile data, irrespectively of where they are. The length of the matches will ascertain how much data you use. We investigated how so much data each game currently uses. Here is more info on how often Mobile information Legends utilises in each game type.

Average Data Consumption of Mobile Legends

On an average, Mobile legends consume 5MBs of data every 15 minutes

The average Mobile Legends Classic or Ranked match consumes up to 5 MB per 15 minutes of gameplay, I guess it depends on how much you play. The fewer data ingested per match, the quickly the matches are completed. Remember that bug fix notifications are infrequent and should be tried to download throughout order to play the game.

These notifications range from 5MB for minor changes to 2GB for the maximum possible.

There are several ways to save data and start games with more matches in Mobile Legends. Here are some pointers on how to save mobile data while enjoying the sport:

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

We began by playing one game in Classic mode of Mobile Legends, the most famous smartphone MOBA game. We expected the main menu visuals, events, and promotions to consume a large amount of data, but that was not the case.

When loading to the menu, the game just used 1.6MB of data. After just a 15-minute game in Classic mode with “Speed Mode” enabled, Mobile Game used 25.5MB of data. Out of the three games we attempted, this used the most data.

Classic Mode of Mobile Legends consumed 25MBs of data

One year well after discharge, PUBG Mobile is one of the most available for download games on Google Play. We predict some variability in mobile data usage since this map is so large and there are so many other players. Whereas loading into the hall, PUBG Mobile used 3.1MB of data.

We evaluated the game on the Erangel map with both the chicken dinner to achieve maximum playtime. We unearthed that a 20-minute game on Erangel ingested 6.2MB of data, which is not terrible for a 20-minute match.

Mobile Legends game play of Erangel map consumed 6MBs of data for 20 minutes

Call of Duty: Mobile Edition

Call of Duty mobile is a relatively new and popular first-person shooter. Since many modes are available to play and game instances differ based on what each team performs, data usage varies. This same game required 3.5MB of data to stack into the main menu.

We anticipate low data usage because 40 kill limit is easily achievable in Call of Duty games. After 10 minutes of Team Deathmatch on the Raid map, the game used 3.2MB of data.

Call Of Duty Game Play consumed 5MBs of data for 10 minutes of gameplay

After examining the data usage of 3 different games, we can see that 1Gigabytes of data is more than enough to play these games for days. Mobile Legends devoured the most data, but only 25MB per game. For most telcos offering 1GB of data for about PHP 50, you’ll have to play over 30 games or spend less than 10 hours using up your data. Before actually trying to reach your data limit, users can play over 150 games or 52 hours on PUBG and COD Mobile.


So, average data consumption for a Mobile legends gameplay would be around 10MBs to 15MBs for every game session.

Mobile Legends – Bang Bang is a game that is very equivalent to League of Legends. It’s a straightforward game with a large cast of characters. This game seems to be completely free to play so that you can advance your career on each hero separately. 5v5 Player vs Player (casual gameplay) or Position (Same as Classic, but players will fight against each other for Ranks.) It should last about 18-20 mins in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Late games, when everyone has their entire arsenal, usually last 25-35 minutes. So, average data consumption for a Mobile legends gameplay would be around 10MBs to 15MBs for every game session.


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