Fix PUBG Mobile Network Error Crash Problem

Game Errors Fix PUBG Mobile Network Error Crash Problem

Most people have complained that PUBG doesn’t work on their smartphones after they start the application. The mobile network error for PUBG isn’t new for anyone. In fact, it is an old one and many people have solved the problem effectively on their smartphones. The only problem is that this problem keeps returning especially if you are using a DSL connection.

Why PUBG Mobile Network Error Occurs?

When the PUBG network error occurs, users are not able to play the game. The game window simply closes and people are brought back to the real world. They can’t even save their game progress.

The problem is that PUBG doesn’t close the screen, instead it is the smartphone that closes the PUBG screen because an error has occurred.

What can be the problem with PUBG Network error?

If you are not using a static IP address, PUBG can deny you entry. The algorithm thinks that you are snooping on other players and kicks you out.

Another reason the PUBG network error is occurring is because your internet connection is not so stable. This means you are getting constant fluctuations because of which your PUBG won’t run smoothly.

So, what is the solution to both these problems?

Solution: Get a VPN

One solution to the PUBG network error problem is to get a VPN. The VPN service keeps the internet connectivity consistent. You can get a free VPN on mobile from the Google app store.

Simply search for a VPN that’s free and you are good to go.

You can use Opera free VPN, or even some other service.

Once you have the VPN available, connect it and run PUBG on your mobile device. It will take a few minutes to connect. Once the PUBG proxy VPN is setup, you can play all games of your choice easily.

Solution: Consistent Connection

You can also play the PUBG game on your mobile to understand how it actually works. In most cases, you are not getting consistent speeds. Without speed, you can’t run the website.


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