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How to Find Ownership of Jazz Mobile SIM Number?

Telecom Jazz How to Find Ownership of Jazz Mobile SIM Number?

There are many cases where a person doesn’t know the ownership of his/her mobile number. These people then worry about how to know who owns the SIM card, or how they can verify the SIM card number? These are just some of the issues. But they are worrisome and can keep you on your toes.

So, in this article, we will discuss how to find the ownership of your Jazz number, what things you need to worry about while buying a Jazz number and how to check if you are the actual owner of the SIM card that you use on a regular basis.

So, let’s get started and find Jazz ownership details.

Find Ownership of Jazz Sim card

Jazz has provided a simple way to find the ownership (who owns my Jazz SIM) by dialing a single number.

Here is the number you can use for Jazz SIM card.

First of all check what your number is by dialing the USSD code:

DIAL *99# to find your Jazz mobile number

This will tell you what your Jazz number is. Once you know your own Jazz number, next find out who own your Jazz SIM card.

How to Find Who Owns Jazz SIM Card

To find the ownership of Jazz SIM card, you will have to dial 300 from your mobile number. The charges for dialing it are 3 PKR.

Dial 300 from your Jazz SIM

That’s how easy it is to find the information related to your Jazz SIM card and your SIM ownership details.

Why Find Jazz ownership Details?

Let’s say you want to market your Jazz mobile number, you will need to verify your details. Otherwise all your efforts of marketing your own Jazz number will go in vain. Not only will you waste your efforts, but the person who actually has the ownership of your number can request a new SIM card without you knowing about it.

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