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If you are tired of all the irritating calls and messages that bug your every day then Ufone has a special offer for you.
Now Ufone has the Ublock service available that blocks call and SMS from reaching your number. It is a simple code that you can use to block unwanted people from calling or messaging you and irritating you.
Whether these are prank calls, unwanted calls, or people who are harassing you, Ufone Ublock feature can block all these callers.
Here is how to use the service.
Simply Dial *420# from your Ufone mobile and get rid of unwanted callers.
Charges of Ublock SMS and Call Block Service:
Ufone Ublock service is available for Rs 4.48 including tax per week. You just have to subscribe to the blocking service once and it will automatically block all the numbers for you.
The service will form a database of blocked numbers that you can check and unblock those that are not bugging you anymore.
Charges for Postpaid Ufone Numbers:
The service charges Rs 17.93 per month from Postpaid Ufone service users. It can store a total of 40 numbers in the database. This means you can blacklist almost 20 Ufone numbers and 20 numbers from other networks.
Limitations of Ublock Service:
– You will have to unblock previous numbers just to block new numbers or add them to the list. That is one limitation of the call and SMS block feature of Ufone.
Summary of Ufone SMS and Call Block Service:
– Dial *420# and subscribe to the Ufone service
– Price: Rs 4.48 per week (Incl.Tax) Prepaid
– Price: Rs 17.93 per month (Incl.Tax) Postpay – Postpaid
– To unsubscribe to the service dial *420# again from your number
Terms and Conditions:
– If you unsubscribe the service, your Blacklisted numbers list will also get deleted from the server.
– Once a number is added to the list, both SMS and Calls will be blocked.
– You will have to follow a specific set of commands to add or delete numbers from the Ufone number block list.
FAQs for Ufone Call & SMS Block Service

Ufone number block karnay ka tarika!
Ufone number block karna ab bohat he asan hai. Is ka simple tarika yeh hai k ap apnay phone se *420# dial krain and instructions follow krain. Ap aik waqt may 20 numbers block kar sktay hain.

What is Ufone Call Barring Service Code?
Ufone doesn’t provide Call barring code with this service. However, you can use the following Ufone call barring codes to barr outgoing and incoming calls.
*#33# Check status of barr all outgoing calls
**330*code# Activate barr all calls

How to block Ufone Number SMS?
When you block a number on Ufone, it will automatically get blocked on for calling and SMS. This means that number can’t call or SMS your phone.

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