How to Rent Mobile Wifi Hotspots in Turkey

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A mobile Wifi hotspot is a data device and WiFi router that looks like a phone and is around the size of a tiny phone. A small display is frequently there, but there is no microphone, speaker, earpiece, or keyboard. It has all of the other features of a smartphone, including a SIM card, but it does not distinguish between voice, text, and data.

The hotspot connects to a mobile phone network, after which you connect your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to the hotspot via Wifi and utilize apps to make phone calls, send email and messages, and browse the Internet.

Typically, these gadgets let multiple computers, tablets, and/or smartphones connect to the same Wifi hotspot at the same time (though the more devices connected, the slower the throughput is liable to be). You are charged for data usage on the network, just like with mobile phones, but only for data usage, not for voice calls or messages.

Turkey Mobile Phone Hotspot Packages

Here’s a little-known fact: mobile phone networks are nothing more than data networks. You consume the same resource: time and bandwidth on the mobile data network, whether you make a voice conversation, send a text message or browse the Internet on your smartphone.

To persuade you to pay more for each of these services, mobile phone providers divide them into voice, texts, and data. They’ll sell you “packages” and “bundles” of services for a specific price—200 minutes of phone calls, 1000 text messages, 500 megabytes of data—but they’re all the same thing: data, data, data. The “packages” appear to be good value, but one of them will hit its maximum before the others, implying that you will not be able to use the full value of the others. You’ll have purchased more than you’ll need. That’s how the packages work: they try to convince you to spend more than you’ll utilize.

You’d only pay for what you consumed if there were flat costs for each megabyte or gigabyte of data.

It’s the same as cable providers offering you a 100-channel package, the majority of which you’ll never view. It appears to be a terrific deal, and it is—but only for cable providers.

Renting Mobile Wifi Devices in Turkey

So, if it’s all data, all you truly need is a mobile phone network connection to the Internet. Then you can use apps like Skype, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messages, Facetime, Viber, and others to interact via voice, text, and email, as well as explore the Internet and send and receive photographs and videos. You’ll only be charged for the data you use.

Several firms in Turkey offer easy rental of mobile Wifi hotspots: buy your rental hotspot online and it will be waiting for you when you arrive at the airport, hotel, or rental apartment. Put it to work right away, communicate as much as you like, and you’ll know exactly how much you’ll pay ahead of time.

Prepaid Rented Mobile Hotspot in Turkey

At the end of your trip, you can leave the wifi device you rented from the hotel/mobile network provider at your hotel or at the airport.

You may not need to buy the gadget, pay a “package” of services, sign a contract, or commit to months of service, unlike major mobile phone providers that also offer mobile Wifi hotspots.

Rented Wifi is Secure

A Wifi hotspot also provides security: you won’t have to worry about hackers exploiting public Wifi networks to gain access to your computer or public data connections. (For further information, see Virtual Private Networks.)

However, while a Wifi hotspot is one of the simplest, most convenient, and secure ways to communicate, it is not always the most affordable. Make sure you understand the minimum rental time and/or daily fee.

Other ways to get online are by using international roaming with your mobile phone or buying a Turkish SIM for it.

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