How to mark all emails as read on iPhone?

Apple products make many things simple and evident. There are, however, a few exceptions. Here’s how to do it on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone if you want to get rid of the “read” sign.

The Mail app on your iOS device allows you to read and mark as read individual messages or an entire inbox.

Mark All Emails as Read on iPhone

If you’re the kind to just read the most crucial emails and ignore the rest, you can easily mark all of your emails as read with just a few touches.

Open the mailbox in the Mail app on iPhone or iPad or click “All Inboxes” to take care of all your mailboxes at once. It’s also possible to choose a certain folder. Tap “Edit” on the top right and “Select All” on the top left.

You may mark anything as read by using the Mark button in the bottom left.

How do I Mark Emails as Read on iOS?

If you’re using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you can mark all of your email messages as read with just a few taps.

  1. First, open the Mail app and select the Inbox folder.
  2. Next, tap the Edit button in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Finally, tap the Mark All as Read button in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Is there a way to select all unread emails on iPhone?

There are ways to filter your emails so that only unread messages are displayed.

  1. On the iPhone, open the Mail app and select the “Mailboxes” tab.
  2. Then tap the “Edit” button in the upper-right corner and select the “Mark” option for the “Unread” mailbox.
  3. This will create a folder that contains only unread messages.
  1. To mark all emails as read on your iPhone Gmail, open the Gmail app and tap the “Menu” tab at the top left of the screen.
  2. Then scroll down and tap “Settings”, and finally tap “General Settings”.
  3. Under “Inbox Type” make sure that “All Mail” is selected.

We hope this article has helped you to easily mark all emails as read on iPhone. If you have any unanswered questions, reach out to us in the comments.

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