Fix PUBG Emulator 100% CPU Problem on PC

Tech Fix PUBG Emulator 100% CPU Problem on PC

Many PUBG players have reported that when they play the game on Tencent emulator the PC becomes too slow. The tencent emulator starts to consume 100% of the CPU resources. It then either lags or crashes with a black screen.

Some have even gone on to say that the Tencent emulator is using the resources of all these CPUs where it is installed to mine bitcoins.

Mining Bitcoins with Tencent PUBG Emulator?!

There is no evidence that this is real. People have come up with their own thoughts because the PCs simply stop working naturally. They become too slow when the emulator is used. The reason this happens is because Emulators take too much memory. The same problem exists with Bluestacks game emulator. It doesn’t work if the RAM of the computer is less than 8GB.

Fix for PUBG Tencent Emulator CPU Problem

A solution to the Tencent Gaming Buddy CPU problem is to restart it.

The official members of the Tencent gaming buddy emulator have said that simply restart the game two times at once.

Method 1: Restart PUBG Emulator

Here is how they should do it.

‘If your CPU still 100% usage, please do these steps:

  1. Exit TGB
  2. Run TGB
  3. Exit TGB again
  4. Run TGB”

But many people have reported that this isn’t true. When they did these settings in their system, the game still used 100% of the CPU resources and the system started lagging after sometime.

So, a few users said that the best way to reduce CPU resources in Tencent Gaming Buddy is to change the PUBG game settings.

Here is how to solve PUBG emulator CPU problem.

Simply run the PUBG game. Once it has launched, move to PUBG game settings.

Now, look for ‘Processors’

You will have the option to choose from 1 to 8 processor cores. Simply select half of what is already installed in your system. For example, if your system is Quad core. Simply change the processors to two cores only.

Note: Always select half of the cores installed in your CPU to decrease CPU usage in PUBG emulator.

You can also watch this video to learn more about changing PUBG settings in Tencent emulator.

Method 2: Remove App Data in PUBG Tencent Emulator

Open the command prompt and type this command to solve CPU 100% problem in PUBG emulator:

del %Appdata%\AndroidTbox\TVM_0.xml

Then press enter. Now just open the Tencent gaming buddy emulator on PC to launch the PUBG game. Now check the CPU usage of your computer using task manager. If we are right, then the task manager will show that the CPU usage of the PUBG game has decreased.

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