Free OpenAI Credits: How to Get Them?

Are OpenAI Free Credits Still Available in 2023?

OpenAI has stopped providing free credits to users in 2023. The only way to use OpenAI or GPT 3.5 is to use it on ChatGPT. If you don’t have an account available on ChatGPT you create one for free.

How to Get Free OpenAI Credits?

Getting free OpenAI credits is a straightforward process that involves creating an account, applying for credits, and waiting for approval. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Create an OpenAI account: The first step in getting free OpenAI credits is to create an account on the OpenAI website. You will need to provide your name, email address, and a password. Once you have created an account, you can log in to the OpenAI dashboard.
  2. Apply for free credits: In the OpenAI dashboard, click on the “API Tokens” tab. Here, you will see a button that says “Request Access.” Click on this button, and you will be taken to a form where you will need to provide some information about yourself and your intended use for the credits.
  3. Wait for approval: After submitting your application, you will need to wait for approval from the OpenAI team. The approval process can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on the volume of requests that OpenAI is receiving.
  4. Use your credits: If your application is approved, you will receive free credits that you can use to try out various OpenAI models, such as GPT-3 or Codex. The amount of free credits you receive will depend on your use case and the availability of credits at the time of your application.

It’s important to note that free OpenAI credits are not always available, as they are limited in quantity and subject to availability. OpenAI periodically opens up applications for free credits, so it’s worth checking the OpenAI website or following them on social media to stay up-to-date on when applications are open.

Additionally, it’s important to have a clear use case for the credits when applying, as OpenAI may prioritize applications that have specific research or development goals in mind. Overall, the process of getting free OpenAI credits requires some patience and diligence, but it can be a valuable resource for exploring the capabilities of language and machine learning models.

Why Can’t I use my free OpenAI Credits? (Solutions)

There could be several reasons why you are unable to use your free OpenAI credits. Here are a few common issues and their potential solutions:

  1. Your account has not been approved yet: After applying for free credits, you will need to wait for approval from the OpenAI team. This process can take several days or even weeks, depending on the volume of requests that OpenAI is receiving. If you have not received approval yet, you will not be able to use your credits.

Solution: Wait for approval from the OpenAI team. If you have been waiting for an extended period of time, you can contact OpenAI support to inquire about the status of your application.

  1. Your credits have expired: Free OpenAI credits are typically valid for a limited period of time, such as 30 days. If you have not used your credits within this timeframe, they may have expired.

Solution: Contact OpenAI support to see if your credits have expired. If they have, you may need to apply for new credits.

  1. You have used up all of your credits: Free OpenAI credits are limited in quantity, and you may have used up all of your credits already.

Solution: Contact OpenAI support to see if you have any credits remaining. If not, you may need to apply for new credits.

  1. You are using the wrong API key: OpenAI provides different API keys for different models and services. If you are trying to use a model that requires a different API key than the one you have, you will not be able to access the model.

Solution: Make sure you are using the correct API key for the model you want to use. You can find your API keys in the OpenAI dashboard.

If none of these solutions work, you can contact OpenAI support for further assistance. They may be able to help you diagnose and resolve the issue.

What is the Price of OpenAI GPT Models?

OpenAI offers various products and services, each with its own pricing structure based on usage. Examples include GPT-3, Codex, and the OpenAI API, with prices ranging from $0.005 to $0.008 per token for GPT-3 and Codex and $100 to $2,500 per month for the OpenAI API. It’s important to note that pricing may vary and it’s best to check the OpenAI website or contact OpenAI support for current pricing information.

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