Mobily Rahati Service: How to Block Calls & SMS?

Learn everything about Mobily Rahati Service and how to use the blacklists, whitelists, and normal modes.

If someone is annoying you and you want to block their number than the best way to do that is with Mobily Rahati service. Mobily has offered this service especially to keep priers and people who are getting ‘too much in other’s life’ at bay.

With Mobily Rahati service users living in Saudi Arabia can easily block others from accessing their information. At the same time, they can keep them from making any unneeded advances.

Here is how to use Mobily Rahati service to keep strangers from talking to you.

Mobily Rahati Service – All You need to know

Mobily Rahati service gives you better control over incoming calls. With “Rahati”, you can put stangers that are bothering you in the “Blacklist”. All mobile phone numbers in the “Blacklist” will be blocked immediately. You can also select a response that they can listen to as a response out of many options, such as: switched off, ringing tone, busy tone, special message that you have blocked him intentionally and that he shouldn’t message or call you again… etc. It is your call to make.

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How To Add Number to the blacklist. The whole process is explained below.

  • Call Mobily Voice Service at 1100, select “Mobily Services”, select “Rahati” service.
  • Send ‘Block XXX-XXXXXXXXXX’ to 1100 to add it to the blacklist on Mobily.
  • Similarly, you can also dial *1100#, go “Mobily services”, select “Value added services” and then select “Rahati” to add the number.

How to Remove a number from the Mobily Rahati blacklist.

  • Call Mobily Voice Service at 1100, select “Mobily Services” and then select “Rahati” service.
  • To unblock a number, send ‘unblock XXXX-XXXXXXXXX’ to the number 1100 to remove a number from the blacklist. Note: XXXX-XXXXXXXXX is the number that you want to block.
  •  Dial *1100#, go to “Mobily services”, select “Value added services” and then select “Rahati”.

Rahati offers many advanced features of the service white-list, schedules, different blocking tones and notification management. You can use these to improve the service further.

Manage all the default and advanced features of the service by calling 1470. The service will cost you SAR 0.5/minute.

Visit My Mobily click here to manage all the service features free of charge.

Features of Mobily Rahati Service:

Rahati offers four modes for allowing or blocking of calls. Each one has different parameters but it is advised that you select the Blacklist mode only for your needs.

  • Accept All Mode: All calls will be received normally.
  • Reject All  Mode: All calls will be rejected (regardless of the black or white list).
  • Blacklist Mode: Blacklisted callers are the only ones to be blocked.
  • White-list Mode: White-listed callers are the only ones to be allowed.

Rahati offers the following messages and tones to be delivered to the callers in the lists.

  • Busy tone: normal busy tone as if you are busy.
  • Ringing tone:  normal ringing tone as if you are not answering.
  • Switched-Off tone: normal tone of switched off or out of reach, as if your mobile is closed or you are out of coverage area.
  • Wrong number tone: Hears a message stating that this is not a working number, as if he had called a wrong number.
  • Special blocking message tone: Hears a message stating that you had blocked him and he cannot call you upon your request. You can also set a custom blocking tone for all blocked callers or a special blocking tone for each blocked individual caller.

Note: Mobily Rahati limits 10 numbers per list. You can add both local and international numbers to the list.

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