How to Attest Marriage Certificate for UAE Residence Visa?

Visa Dubai How to Attest Marriage Certificate for UAE Residence Visa?

The attestation or authentication process for UAE marriage licenses would be to verify the legitimacy of official signings on the documentation. The competence of the signatories of the paperwork and the legality of seals or stamps attached to the certificates will be verified by the marriage license attestation for UAE.

How to Authenticate a Marriage Certificate in DUBAI 

The steps for validating or legalizing a marriage certificate for usage in the UAE are as follows:

  1. Create a list of authentication criteria.
  2. Contact a UAE-based attestation company.
  3. Send the documents to the firm of your choice.
  4. Waiting for your document to be processed.
  5. Claim the document that has been verified.

The following are the stages involved in legalizing a marriage certificate in detail:

STEP 1: Assemble the authentication parameters 

The first step in getting attestation for your marriage certificate is to ensure you have everything you need. Depending on the issuing country and the languages are seen in a marriage certificate, the requirements apply. Many people are still confused and question How to Authenticate a Marriage Certificate in DUBAI” Many state departments, such as the UAE consulate and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, require the following general documentation:

  • Valid government-issued identification – it is advised that each of the contracting parties to a marriage provide both their passport and residence visa. 
  • Authentication of a marriage certificate — a relevant authority should provide the marriage certificate if you’re looking for specific terms or entries. 
  • Authorization letter for marriage certificate attestation – If you’re employing a third party to verify your marriage license, you’ll use a letter of approval. Legalizing papers might be outsourced to ensure that the procedure is completed accurately and on time. Note: Although not required, submitting a notarized authorization letter might help ensure that the attestation process runs well.

A properly completed application form for verification of a marriage license.

Step 2: Contact an attestation firm in the UAE

Once you’ve gathered all of the prerequisites, contact a reputable authentication supplier in your area. Ensure that you arrive during business hours. Schedule an appointment, so you don’t have to wait in line. A firm that provides attestation services for marriage licenses in the UAE can give you application forms that must be filled out completely and submitted to the state authorities of your native country and the UAE.

Step 3: Send the documentation to the firm you’ve chosen

Submit the completed application forms to the several state agencies that must certify your marriage contract, as well as the other criteria. Pay the entire verification process’ operational costs as well.

To process your legally binding document with several government authorities, the most respectable service providers in the UAE would ask for a one-time charge. Ensure that the service provider will offer you a warranty for the solution once you pay the cash and submit the specifications. Also, be sure there aren’t any hidden fees. Keep a copy of the authentication firm’s official notice.

Step 4: Waiting for your documentation to be processed

Four different state authorities must verify your marriage license. The following are the details:

  • The document’s producing country’s national sovereignty. 
  • UAE embassy 
  • UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs

It can take up to eight weeks to finish the entire process.

STEP 5: Retrieve the verified document 

You will be notified when your authenticated marriage license is ready to be released. Submit the receipt you received after processing payments to the verification service provider. It’s great if you have your legitimate power of attorney and an extraordinary (POA) power of attorney with you. If you’re claiming the certified document on behalf of someone else, you’ll need a power of attorney.

Before leaving the service company’s premises, double-check the legalized/attested marriage certificate for faults or inaccuracies. 

Points to Keep in Mind When Getting a Marriage Certificate Attested in the UAE

  • It’s important to remember that the various state departments do not demand personal appearance for document attestation. If you’re not handling the attestation of a certificate personally, you’ll need an authorization letter.
  • The attestation cost varies depending on which state department is engaged in the procedure. For a complete quote, it is worth consulting with a service supplier. The verification stamps/seals on a marriage certificate for usage in the UAE are required since local authorities will not consider a document legitimate and legitimate without them.
  • There would be no need for authentication if a legal document was approved in the UAE or locally, mainly if the memorandum will be used domestically.

By following these steps you can “authenticate a Marriage Certificate in DUBAI”

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