How to Check Emirates PNR Flight Status

Are you interested in flying, but are the long queues quickly annoyed? Don’t your thing seem to be the last moment’s preparations? Did you ever feel the need to detect your PNR status, given the difficulty of reaching the airport on time? This blog answers your question How to search the PNR status of your Emirates?

It has been commonly observed that people want to ride on an uninterrupted journey. Emirates Airline will definitely guarantee you a seamless and high quality travel trip. It is always best to review your PNR status before entering an emirates flight, which will surely help you gain consistency and save you a great deal of time.

Telephonic Enquiry of Emirates PNR Flight Status:

The Emirates customer service department is well prepared to inform its passengers of their flight’s PNR status. With the assistance of the passengers’ access to the call centres, passengers can use the following toll-free number to monitor the flight status.

Country Numbers (Flight and Car/Hotel Booking)
United Arab Emirates 600 55 55 55/+971 80004442973
Pakistan +92 11 122 5535/+92 0080090044174
Australia +61 1300 303 777/+61 7 3123 6017
India 022 33773377/+91 800 100 8064
United Kingdom +44 844 800 2777/+44 845 528 0593
United States +1 800 777 3999/+1 407 261 3982


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  • What is a PNR number?
  • Why is the PNR number important?
  • How to locate your PNR number?
  • How to check an Emirates PNR status?
  • Frequently Asked Questions


PNR number (Passenger Name Record) is a number code associated with each passenger. It offers in-depth passenger information for the airline or any other airline or air traveling mode that the passenger used in the past. It also gives information on flight arrival and flight departure and lets you get the confirmation of your flight reservation.

Why is the PNR Flight Number Important?

The PNR is a valuable document as it consists of the passenger’s travel log. It allows the passenger to search and find evidence of their booking. Collecting all these essential details is stress-free and hassle-free to help passengers enjoy their travel.

Locate Your PNR Flight Number

You will get an E – ticket with your PNR number after your flight to Emirates Airlines has been booked. The PNR number will be sent to you in an email on request of an e-ticket, and it will be sent to you via text message.

On the right side of the booking references area, when you get your e-ticket, you will find a six-characteristic alpha-numeric code. Whether B, C, C, D, E, F, G, H, I J, K or L is the source of your PNR code.

If you have received this code, you will get detailed booking information and information on your Emirates flight. This helps you to find out whether or not your reservation is confirmed. Furthermore, you can use the code to verify whether your flight is postponed, canceled, or scheduled. The arrival and departure times can also be verified using the same process.

How to Check Your Emirates PNR Status

The moves Emirates Airlines make to track your PNR number incredibly simple and hassle-free. You may either call their professional customer service managers, who can meet the requirements and requests. You can also track the PNR status of your Emirates flight on their official website and take the following steps:

  • Tap on “Manage Tab” when you visit the official site.
  • You can see a section called Search your booking after clicking on the Manage tab below. You are asked to enter your last name and reservation name, which are your PNR number, after clicking on the Search booking tab.
  • The last move is to click on the Go tab to obtain your PNR status after that.

How to do Emirates Airline PNR Status Enquiry?

You can verify Emirates Airlines’ flight status either online or by contacting customer support.

Check Emirates PNR Status Online:

Passengers who wish to be aware of the current status of their ticket should visit Emirates Airlines’ official website and by filling in the details they have been asked to find out about their ticket’s current status.

Check Your Emirates Flight Status Online


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