SECCAP – Worst online educational form system ever

Sindh government has recently announced modern system for its college admission. SECCAP – former Cap form – system has been introduced. The system is an online system that allows teenagers with little knowledge of HTML and where most teenagers live below the poverty line without any computer are compelled to fill out the online form.

Online form SECCAP for college admissions in Sindh
Online form SECCAP for college admissions in Sindh


The online form however is one of the worst and pathetic forms that are uploaded by incompetent developers of Sindh government. The website is very slow to start with.

It takes 30 seconds to load a page on SECCAP Sindh education website

Moreover, one of the basic flaws in the system is that they do not allow users to search the forms by roll number but the users have to put all three information tables that is the year of passing the form number and the roll number as well.

Now those who do not remember the form number or who get the error ‘You have already applied’ what should they do? visit the secretariat?

You have to fill all three forms to get a search result
You have to fill all three forms to get a search result


The second flaw in the Sindh government form is that when users fill out the form and hit save and continue button they get a message ‘YOU HAVE ALREADY APPLIED’. When they haven’t applied… Moreover, the form doesn’t let them apply them again or to let them search the form number instead they are compelled to complain on the Sindh government email [email protected].

The error we dont want to see on SECCAP website.
The error we dont want to see on SECCAP website.

But the lousy Sindh education board service never replies to the students.

Or another error that is often received is the bad gateway…

SECCAP form bad gateway error.
SECCAP form bad gateway error.


The second option they have left is to go to Sindh secretariat to change their form number or to submit a form.

Now, what is the purpose of such a lousy online Sindh board education system SECCAP that has increased the troubles for students instead of easing them up?


  1. My brother is from FBISE. He converted the percentage to 850 marks paper and than solved. If you still get an error press ctrl+f5 if that doesn;t help visit sindh secretariat. You can also email them but they do not reply.

  2. Hey,
    I'm an O'Levels stud. I'm filling the form as they've guided in the brochure about O'levels but my form is giving an error 404…..
    Plus, the same computer is being used for both matric and o'levels form but on O'levels stud are getting an error……
    any suggestions ??? *screw SECCAP*

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