Internet Restrictions In Dubai: What to Know About Them

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Internet restrictions are common in Middle East. Most of the countries in the area are kingdoms, dictatorships, or oligarchies. They are afraid that giving too much freedom to people could topple their governments so majority of the countries have restricted internet activities.

Here are a few internet restrictions that you can face when you land in Dubai. So, it is better that you are prepared before you get there. Internet in Dubai for tourists is easy to get. You can buy a SIM card on your passport. Du, Etisalat, and all others offer internet equipped SIM cards. So, getting internet in Dubai is not a major issue.

List of Internet Restrictions in Dubai

1. Dubai and UAE have banned all types of websites that are against the concept of religion. This means you will find that pornography, dating, drug based websites are banned in the area. It also means that onion websites or what we call dark internet is also banned in Dubai.
2. Websites that are against the government or the monarchies are also banned. These include western media website that creare propaganda against the Emirates.
3. Most video communication apps are also banned such as Skype, Whatsapp, Faebook and many others. The purpose of all these apps is to share content and feelings and it looks like they are not allowed by the Emirates.
4. Websites on abortion and other illegal pharmaceutical practices are banned as well. These include LGBTQ forums, chat groups, and even channels.
5. Any content on Israel is illegal and will get banned immediately. The OPs can also face jail time if they post directly on Israel while living in Dubai. So, be careful when you go as a tourist in Dubai.
6. Blasphemous content or anything that is against Islamic laws is illegal. This means websites related to atheism are illegal because they can influence people’s minds into dillusional activities.
7. Viruses, Cyber criminals, and other websites that are blocked by the UAE authorities simply because they are illegal activites in the state law.

You may feel overwhelmed with all the internet restrictions in Dubai but they are not really impacting the way people live. Just stay away from political debate when visiting UAE and you will be just fine.

FAQs on Dubai Internet Restrictions

Can you use a VPN in Dubai?
Yes you can use a VPN in Dubai to watch streaming content from US or UK. However, if you watch adult content using a VPN service and authorities catch you, then you will face jail time.

What is the fine for internet cyber crime in UAE?
You can face a penalty of as much as 1million AED. Also, you will have to face an imprisonment ranging from six months to five years. The tough cybercrime acts ensure that not many people take law into their hands in UAE.

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