How to enter the dark net?

Many of us don’t really know what is dark net. We have often heard this term but really have no idea what it is or how one can enter it. We that’s why mostly believe it is a term that is used for military or terrorist communication. However, that is not entirely true. Dark net is a network that is hard to keep under scrutiny however, it can be used by general public also.

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Why you should use the dark net?

Many will ask why they want to use dark net when they can find everything here that they want. Well that is a good argument but there are people who are curious and then there are people who want to know the ways in which they can keep their information safe from the BIG BROTHER.

So, here is how one can enter it:

Get a discrete browser

TOR also known as the onion browser for browsing onion websites. This is the only browser that can be used for that purpose as it has its own relays from which data passes through the public network. No users who use TOR can trace each other, as they are discrete. Even for agencies, it is hard to trace each other.

In one of the previous posts, TOR browser was recommended for watching YOUTUBE videos because it cannot be blocked by blocking IP addresses or URL of the websites.

Find onion websites:

Most of the onion websites are easily accessible online and are probably available in paste bin. These onion websites however cannot be accessed by a normal network.

That is because these websites are on a domain that is hosted differently. The only reason to use TOR is these websites can only be accessed through that network.

Use onion websites accordingly:

It is important that one uses the internet responsibly. Many things available on dark net are not allowed on normal network. So it is the responsibility of the browser to judge what type of websites he/she wants to visit and what he doesn’t want to.

Have safe browsing!

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