SMS Parking in Sharjah: How to Pay for Car Parking?

Visa Dubai SMS Parking in Sharjah: How to Pay for Car Parking?

Are you having trouble finding a parking spot in Sharjah? You can utilize SMS parking in Sharjah to make your life easier in these situations.

SMS Parking in Sharjah

In Sharjah, you can pay your Sharjah parking fines with your registered UAE mobile number with this service. All licensed and registered plate numbers from any of the UAE’s seven emirates are eligible for the service.

By sending an SMS to 5566, you can purchase a virtual parking permit in Sharjah that will be added to your post-paid mobile bill or deducted from your available credit if you are using a pre-paid sim. You must be a registered user of the DU, Virgin Mobile, or Etisalat mobile networks to utilize the service.

How To Pay For Parking In Sharjah Via SMS?

If you’re looking for instructions on how to use SMS parking in Sharjah, look no further.

How To Send A Parking SMS In Sharjah For A First Parking Permit?

Create a Sharjah parking SMS in the following format: 

  • Plate source<space>plate number<space> duration
  • If you want the virtual permit in Arabic, type “A” as the first word. For example, “SHJ 6263 1” should be entered as “A SHJ 6263 1.”
  • Send an SMS to the number 5566.

You will receive a confirmation message that will also serve as your virtual parking permit. This confirmation message should not be deleted.


Use the abbreviations below to refer to plate sources:

  • Abu Dhabi: AUH
  • Ajman: AJ
  • Dubai: DXB
  • Fujairah: FUJ
  • Ras Al Khaimah: RAK
  • Sharjah: SHJ
  • Umm Al Quwain: UAQ

Extension of Sharjah Parking Permit

Your Sharjah SMS parking permit is valid for one hour. A reminder message will be sent to you 10 minutes before the permission expires. If necessary, you can now extend your parking time for an additional hour.

Simply reply to the reminder (5566) with a capital “Y” if you prefer to utilize Sharjah Municipality parking SMS for an hour longer than intended. You will receive another Sharjah auto parking SMS confirming your parking extension as soon as you do so. Ignore the notification if you don’t require the extension.

Key Points To Keep In Mind When Using SMS Parking In Sharjah

  • Users of Etisalat and DU, as well as UAE motorists with a private plate number, do not need to register to use SMS parking in Sharjah.
  • To use SMS parking in Sharjah, non-private UAE plate numbers and GCC plate numbers must first register. This can be done over the phone at 993 or online at
  • The emirate where your vehicle is registered must be your plate source.
  • After registering and activating an SMS parking account, customers can add one or more vehicles to their account and pay parking fees in Sharjah by SMS.

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SMS Parking In Sharjah For Registered Users

When you register your vehicle for SMS Parking, you can give it a username. Motorists who have signed up for SMS parking at or by phoning 993 must complete the steps below:

Make an SMS using the following format: <username>

  • Send it to the number 5566.

The next steps are the same as the ones listed previously.

Terms & Conditions For Sharjah SMS Parking Service

The following terms and conditions apply while using the SMS service to pay parking costs in Sharjah:

  • If you’re using a prepaid phone number, make sure you have enough money on your account to pay for the virtual parking permit and avoid the “Transaction Failed” error.
  • For each SMS, the SMS parking service charges 38 fils.
  • SMS Parking only offers parking bookings in Sharjah and one-hour extensions. If you neglect to specify the period, the parking rate will be automatically calculated and paid for one hour.
  • Use the Sharjah paid parking SMS format as shown above. Your transaction will be rejected if the message format is incorrect.

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How to pay parking in Sharjah for Dubai plate?

To pay parking in Sharjah for Dubai plate, you will need to use the RTA Parking app or website.

Type your plate number in the following format.

Plate source<space>plate number<space>duration. Send the SMS to 5566 to pay for your Dubai car plate.

Sharjah Parking Fees

Coins, text messages sent from a mobile phone, prepaid cards, and the electronic wallet can all be used to pay fees.

For post-paid mobile phone users, a virtual parking permit can be obtained via SMS and promptly charged to their cell phone account. The cost can be deducted from available Etisalat credit for prepaid mobile subscribers.

Users can SMS the vehicle plate number and the number of hours they need to park to the number 5566.

Smart Parking Meters

Hundreds of parking meters with touch displays have been erected throughout Sharjah by the Sharjah City Municipality. The touch screen meters, which also take electronic payment for parking charges, allow users to input data and pay quickly. The system is easy to use and involves steps like inputting your registration number and emirate of registration before choosing the time period for which you want to park.

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How to get Sharjah Parking Card for 1 year?

To get a Sharjah parking card for 1 year, you can contact the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and fill out an application form. Once your form is approved, you will be able to pay the applicable fees and receive your card.

Visit: Sharjah RTA website

FAQs about Sharjah Car Parking & SMS Charges

Is There Free Public Parking In Sharjah?

According to a recent declaration by Sharjah City Municipality, the free parking service has been removed from 5,857 parking spaces in Sharjah. The “blue parking information boards” put there might help you find these charged parking spots.

Can I Park My Car In Sharjah’s Empty Sandy Areas?

No, it is not recommended that you park your automobile in any of the city’s empty lots. The Sharjah Municipality has lately begun a crackdown on “kaccha” parking lots, which could result in your vehicle being seized.

What Is The One-Time Cost Of Using The SMS Service?

The service charges (38 fils per SMS) plus the parking permit fee make up the entire cost of a Sharjah parking SMS (AED 2 per hour). If you do not ask for a parking extension, you will wind up paying a total of AED 2.38.

How Would I Know How Much For SMS Parking I Was Charged?

SMS parking charges in Sharjah will be included in the monthly mobile billing for post-paid subscribers. Pre-paid consumers, on the other hand, can immediately check for deductions in their mobile credit after receiving the confirmation message.

If you follow this simple guide on how to use SMS parking in Sharjah, you’ll have a simple way to handle your daily parking payments. It does not, however, guarantee you a parking spot.

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