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How Crypto-friendly VPS Can Help Your Business

Tech How Crypto-friendly VPS Can Help Your Business

Online business owners are always on the lookout for best hosting solutions available in the market. Either these hosting solutions are managed, or they offer higher performance, they are a best sell among users. But, recently, online store owners have started looking for crypto-friendly servers that they can use for their site hosting. 

A few reasons they are looking for crypto-friendly servers are:

  1. Anonymous hosting – no one will know who is hosting the website on the server
  2. Easy and painless payment option 
  3. Decentralized payment – Means anyone can buy the hosting solution
  4. Faster access to servers with minimum hassle

In this article, we will be discussing all these points in detail and see why customers no love VPS servers offered by crypto-friendly hosting providers.

Why Choose VPS Servers for Hosting?

Virtual private servers (VPS) are a cost-effective way to host your website. Where you will be paying separately for each website you host on a shared hosting solution, you can get a single server and host as many websites as you want with a VPS hosting solution.

Let’s do the math.

We will assume you have 10 websites on a shared hosting solution. Each website hosting costs $4 per month. So, you will be paying $40 for the whole month in website hosting. Right?

In comparison, if you have a VPS hosting solution costing $20, you can host as many websites as you want. So, you will be saving those $20 when you use a VPS hosting solution. Isn’t that great?

Apart from that, VPS hosting solutions are a lot more secure because you can add server-level security solutions such as IP whitelisting, firewalls, and cache. You can even geo-block server access to ensure that no intrusive IP gets access to the server.

Moreover, VPS hosting solutions are easier to scale. You can’t scale your website if it is on a shared hosting solution. The only option available is to move that website to another bigger hosting server.

With a VPS hosting solution, you can scale upwards whenever you want. 

Why Use Crypto to Buy VPS Hosting?

Here is a list of reasons why people are now preferring crypto currency to buy VPS servers.

  • Crypto Makes Site Hosting Anonymous

Cryptocurrency has made it easier for anyone to buy and sell items online. With cryptocurrency the actual person buying the services always remains anonymous. This means users can easily pay for their services without worrying about their identity. 

Let’s say your competitors or hackers want to know your personal information through website’s information portal. If you have bought the website using crypto currency, they will not be able to trace that.

  • Crypto Currency is Decentralized

Most store owners are now using cryptocurrencies because they are decentralized and anyone can purchase them. Benefit of purchasing cryptocurrencies is that people can’t be monitored by government or non-government organizations.

Suppose, you buy a product online using your credit card. Now if the credit card is hacked, the hacker can use this information online.

However, with decentralized currency like crypto, your payments will remain safe even if your details are hacked. Why? Because crypto uses three-factor authentication. If you information is hacked, you will still have access to your private key. However, if your private key is hacked, you will get a confirmation on your email and phone number. Until and unless you confirm that, the payments won’t go through from your crypto wallet.

  • Crypto Currency is Economical

When you are paying online with FIAT currency, you are basically paying 3.6% tax for each payment you make. This deduction includes government tax and paypal fees.

However, when you pay through cryptocurrency, you only pay 0.10% tax. This is the tax that goes to the miner and the cryptocurrency system. 

As you can see, cryptocurrency is a much cheaper option in comparison with FIAT currency. Moreover, cryptocurrencies even offer free transactions if you use ethereum and various other currencies.

  • Cryptocurrencies are Helping Third World

Another social benefit of using cryptocurrencies and bitcoins is that they have enabled the lower middle class to purchase from the internet. Without cryptocurrencies, they were enabled to connect. Why? Because most of them don’t have a bank account. Online transactions have always focused on credit and debit cards issued by banks. They are only issued to people who have a bank account available. 

Which Crypto VPS Solution to Choose and How?

When it comes to choosing a VPS solution, the best one is The hosting solution offers VPS servers with BTC payment option. It is a lot cheaper than many other VPS hosts available in the market. is one such VPS hosting solution that offers a range of hosting packages for its users starting from 0.0010BTC to 0.0083BTC. Users can pay using FIAT currency as well. Some benefits of getting VPS servers for hosting website are: 

  • Easy scalability of websites once they reach the limit of their package
  • Faster backups and premium support
  • Disaster recovery options
  • Long-term stability and plan 
  • One-click hosting for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and other CMS users
  • Quality customer support for users with minimum turnaround time
  • BTC makes VPS anonymous. More on this below

Get Started with VPS Hosting Using Crypto & Bitcoins

So, let’s get started with VPS hosting using crypto currencies. If you are unsure how to get a BTC based VPS hosting solution, then look no further. Because has made it a lot easier to easily create and scale a VPS hosting based website. You can easily pay with Bitcoins or any other of the 12 crypto currencies. always keeps your data private, safe and secure. 

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