Telenor CSMS – Corporate SMS Service – Details and Price

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Telenor has introduced Corporate SMS & Call, a rapid fast broadcast messaging service that allows businesses to instantly contact their customers and staff through branded SMS or automated calls. The service is simple and easily accessible to anyone having a business concern, without any restrictions on the number of recipients.

Apply for Telenor CSMS

Telenor users can subscribe to the Telenor csms service by simply emailing their request to the following email id:

[email protected]

The request should be simple, specific to the topic, and list the requirements for arranging the corporate SMS service, so a representative can immediately take action upon it.

Where Can You Use Telenor CSMS? [Use Cases]

The service by Telenor CSMS can be used for the following reasons:

  • Businesses announcing new offers for their customers
  • Banks or Companies announcing new products and special features
  • Companies/Embassies informing their employees of emergencies
  • Companies and Retailers offering new discount coupons for their users such as Careem and Uber are doing it.
  • Hospitals offering reminders for their patient’s appointments
  • Schools, College and Universities reminding students if they are late, or announcing exam results
  • Banks informing their clients if they have received or transferred credit

Features of Telenor CSMS

  • Useful

The application interface comes with a desktop app that anyone can easily uses to start sending SMS to their list of users.


Concerns can reach thousands of people in a minimum cost. And, its conventional interface allows seamless message operations.

  • Integrated Billing

Telenor CSMS application allows companies to have a special account for delivering SMS. They can use it to login feature, provides real-time updates of broadcasted messages, scheduled deliveries, and edit or add recipients & sender details.

  • Custom Message Templates

The Telenor CSMS comes with custom templates that allows the users to create customized messages for re-use, it saves time and allows some structure to start with.

  • Custom Branding

All Telenor messages can be custom branded with the Company’s name in order to

  • Subscriber’s List

Corporate users can create their own subscribers list for sending messages to the users. This enables them to create more personalized messages for their subscribers.

  • Send in English or Urdu

Users can send messages in both urdu and English. The messages have a 765 character limit and anyone can send messages with ease to their customers.

  • Auto Schedule

Corporate users can auto schedule messages to be sent at a particular time of the day. Multiple messages can be schedules to be sent to various subscription lists.

Price for Telenor CSMS Packages

Premium Regular
Activation Charge: Rs. 3,500 (One Time) Activation Charge: Rs. 2,500 (One Time)
Quarterly Fee: Rs. 2000 Quarterly Fee: Rs. 1000
Price/SMS: 0.5 Price/SMS: 0.5

Discounted Telenor CSMS Bundle Details


  • Line Rent: 9,000
  • SMS Bucket: 20,000
  • Post Bucket SMS rate: 0.40


  • Line Rent: 20,000
  • SMS Bucket: 50,000
  • Post Bucket SMS rate: 0.35


  • Line Rent: 35,000
  • SMS Bucket: 100,000
  • Post Bucket SMS rate: 0.30


  • Line Rent: 125,000
  • SMS Bucket: 500,000
  • Post Bucket SMS rate: 0.20


Telenor CSMS API

Telenor also offers a developer API to use develop corporate SMS panel. Users can register to the API panel through the Telenor’s developer portal after signing up for a package


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