Zong 6 & 12 Month Internet Packages – Details, Prices

Zong has a new list of packages for 3G and 4G Internet users. The list is exclusive for Zong’s mobile broadband devices with at most 50GB data limit per month. The 3G and 4G packages are available for a six month or a 12 month period depending on which package users want. Customers subscribing to the offer also avail free MBB devices with a plan.

Zong Internet Packages for Device

These Zong packages are currently available for only 6 and 12 month period but they can be extended or re-subscribed if the user wants to continue using the plan. The package also provide hassle free internet service to the user. These are perfect for those who want Mobile Broadband Product Portfolio, designed for the customers who want hassle-free Internet Services without worrying about paying the monthly bill.

Here is the whole list of packages with special focus on 24GB and 50GB internet packages.

Zong Internet Device Packages for 6 and 12 Months

The 24GB internet package is for 9000 PKR or 1500 pkr per month. It is a lite package. If you are heavy user you can go for 50GB package available for 12000 pkr for six months.

MBB Device MBB New Bundle
Denomination Package Customer Price


4G Wingle

24 GB 6 Months Lite 9,000
24 GB 12 Months Smart 18,000
50 GB 6 Months Pro 12,000
50 GB 12 Months Supreme 24,000

4G Mifi

50 GB 6 Months Premium 12,000
50 GB 12 Months Elite 24,000

Where to Buy Zong Device?

The devices and plans are available at all Zong Franchise, CSC and Retail Outlets. So, be the first one to grab your Zong device and package. The packages are low cost and can be easily availed.

Renew Zong Internet Device Packages

You can even renew your package by dialing *6363# from internet SIM card, or dial *6767# you’re your Zong number.

Key Takeaways:

  • The device comes with a free data plan.
  • Customer will be able to register data SIM with their CNIC number
  • Only 4G wingle and 4G Mifi devices work with the following plans

Zong Mobile Internet Packages for 6 and 12 Months

Here is the list of Zong mobile internet packages for smartphone users. Please check the whole list below. The users can get 2GB for a weekly and 3GB for a monthly package. There are no six months and 12 months packages available for them as the services can be automatically re-subscribed.

Daily Basic Rs. 15 +Tax 100MB 1 Day  
Daily Data Max Rs. 35 +Tax 500MB 1 Day  
Weekly Super Weekly Rs. 100 +Tax 2GB 7 Days
Super Weekly Plus Rs .130 +Tax 4GB 7 Days
Monthly Monthly Mini 150 Rs. 50 +Tax 150MB 30 Days
Monthly Basic 500 Rs. 150 +Tax 500MB 30 Days
Monthly Premium 3GB Rs. 300 +Tax 3GB 30 Days
Monthly Premium 10GB Rs. 600 +Tax 10GB + free nights (1GB FUP) 1am to 9am/Daily 30 Days


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