Zain Internet Packages for KSA– Details & Subscription Codes

Zain is one of the most famous telecom companies in Saudi Arabia that are providing services to the users. It has a huge clientbase and is serving the masses in KSA through its many services including landline, mobile telephony and internet services. Zain is ranked on 3rd number in the list of popular telecom companies in Saudi Arabia (KSA).

One reason Zain is popular among Umrah/Hajj performers in KSA is because of its lowest rates in comparison with other services. Majority of Saudi visitors don’t know the Arabic language. And they are unsure how to subscribe to various Saudi packages. That is what we are going to offer them. With these packages, Zain KSA users can easily learn how to get the best internet packages. Here is necessary information about it.

It should be noted that the Zain SIM is only 30 SAR and will be having around SAR 23.57 initial balance. So, this is enough for you to get your desired package when you get the SIM card. If you do not take any package, the local or international call will cost you 0.55/minute, and a local/international SMS will cost you 0.25/SMS. Internet data browsing charges are 0.50 SAR/MB.

The above-discussed rates are for “Off-Peak” hours that are from 8 PM to 8 AM. If you use the above services in Peak Hours, a call or SMS will cost you 0.65/minute or /SMS.

Details about Zain Internet Packages

The best part is that you can easily use the Zain internet packages. Because of the fast internet available right in the palm of your hands!!!

So, get your Zain’s new 4G packages, and experience best Internet at amazing speed and at affordable prices.

Check out the list provided below and subscribe to one internet plan of your choice.

Plan Recharge Price  (SAR)** Validity Activation Code Auto Renewal Cancellation Code
50 MB 1.5 One Day Send D50 To 959 Send CA50M To 959
500 MB 12 One week  Send D500 To 959  Send CA500 To 959
1 GB 30 1 Month Send D1000To 959 Send CA1GBTo 959
2 GB 50 1 Month Send D2000To 959 Send CA2GBTo 959
5 GB 75 1 Month Send D5000To 959 Send CA5GBTo 959
10 GB 95 1 Month Send 10GBMTo 959 Send CA10M​ To 959
10 GB + 20 GB Free* 165 3 Month Send 10GB To 959 Send CA10G To 959
20 GB 220 3 Month Send 20GB To 959 Send ​ CA20GTo 959
50 GB 265 3 Month Send 50GB To 959 Send CA50G  To 959
100 GB 320 3 Month Send 100GBTo 959 Send CA100To 959
150 GB 360 3 Month Send 150GBTo 959 Send CA150 To 959
300 GB 430 3 Months Send 300GBTo 959 SSend CA300​ To 959
*limited time offer.
New package:
Plan Recharge Price  (SAR)** Validity Activation Code Deactivation Code​
100 GB 160 1 Month Send 100GBM To 959 Send CDOV To 959


You should note that all the above provided prices include 5% value added tax from KSA government.

Terms and Conditions

  • You can get the above internet packages on all prepaid Zain SIM cards.
  • To check remaining Zain internet data balance, Send ‘BC’ to 959.
  • When you have consumed the whole internet package, you will have to pay normal rates for internet usage.
  • All internet package plans are auto renewed upon plan expiry. If you want to cancel, send the mentioned cancellation code to Zain service. The cancellation code for Zain internet packages is available in the ‘deactivation tab’
  • Visit nearest Zain branch, you can also call 959 from your Zain number or 0590000959 from other networks and landlines.


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